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  • Troy Community Center will be closed Mon, May 27. Aquatic Center will be open. 
  • The indoor pool will be closed May 28–June 16 for required maintenance. The entire Fitness Center will be closed June 10–16. Fitness Members may use the outdoor pool during this closure. See all details on this page.
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Troy Community Center Fitness Center Policies

Fitness Center Policies

Please see for current membership options and pricing. 

In addition to all Community Center policies, all Fitness Center members and visitors must adhere to the following rules and regulations. Violation of any may be cause for suspension or termination of facility use privileges and/or legal prosecution.

Below policies last updated on: 11/16/2023 

Fitness Center Policies

Admittance Policy

Although the Community Center is open to the general public, the use of Fitness Center amenities requires at least one of the following to be met: 

  • Check-in as registered class/program participant 
  • Check-in as part of a group rental 
  • Check-in as a spectator/visitor for a registered program (eg. swim lessons, sports classes, dance classes) 
  • Purchase a membership and present a key fob or purchase a day pass  
  • Children under 10 must be accompanied and supervised by an individual 18 or older
Fitness Center Access

To gain access to the Fitness Center areas (pool, fitness rooms, gymnasium, locker rooms), each eligible member must check in at the Fitness Desk and display their Recreation key fob or purchase a day pass. To obtain the Recreation key fob, the individual must pay the stated fee and provide the following credentials: 

  • Troy Residents: City of Troy Residents are defined as those persons living within city limits or owners of real property within city limits. Photo ID (driver’s license or Michigan ID is required). Additional proof of Troy residency (Consumer’s Energy or Detroit Edison bill, tax statement, lease agreement, voter registration, car registration) is required if address has changed within the last 12 months. 
  • Non-Residents are defined as individuals who are not residents in Troy. An individual’s driver’s license will be used to determine residency. If the address has changed within a 12 month period, additional proof of residency will be required. 
  • Youth Family Members are defined as dependent children who live in the same household under the age of 18. Youth between 3 and 17 years of age must display one of the following: birth certificate with parent’s name, school ID or report card showing Troy address and date of birth, custodial papers, or passport with parent’s name and address. Children 2 years of age or under are admitted free. Children 3 years of age must purchase a membership/day pass.
  • Caregivers who are present only to provide assistance to a member may apply for a complimentary caregiver membership. An Accommodation Form must be submitted for approval at least 2 weeks in advance.
Forgotten ID Policy

It is required to display your Recreation key fob to the Fitness Desk in order to verify eligibility, prevent ineligible patrons from using our facility, and to streamline the check in process. By allowing only valid pass holders into this facility, we can better maintain its features and keep fees low. Members who forget to bring their Recreation key fob to the Community Center will be required to present another form of identification. Members who regularly forget their Recreation key fob may be denied entry until a new Recreation key fob is purchased. If a key fob is lost, stolen, or damaged, report it to the Administrative Desk so it can be invalidated. A new key fob will be issued for $3. Recreation key fobs are non-transferable and may be confiscated or revoked due to improper use.

Lost and Found
The City of Troy is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged personal property of any kind. Items left in lockers overnight will be considered Lost and Found.
Drop Off/Pick Up Policy

Children under 10 years of age must be supervised at all times. Community Center staff that finds children without proper supervision will follow the procedures listed below: 

  1. Immediately try to locate the parent. 
  2. Find a designated area where the child can be watched and attempt to phone the parents. 
  3. Parents will be charged a fee for the time the child is being supervised by Community Center staff. 
  4. The City of Troy Police will be called for children left in the facility after the close of business.
Television, Radios, Thermostats, and Sound System
Community Center staff will control all thermostats, televisions, and sound systems and have final determination on temperature, channel, and volume. Requests or problems should be directed to the Fitness Desk. Personal listening devices are permitted with headphones.
Locker Room Policies

There are approximately 320 lockers in the men’s and women’s locker rooms, and 90 in the family locker room. 

  • Empty lockers are for daily use only. Locks remaining overnight will be cut off at the owner's expense and the items confiscated will be placed in lost and found. 
  • Glass containers and food are not permitted in the locker rooms. 
  • All patrons of all ages should use the gender appropriate locker room. Patrons with children of the opposite gender are required to use the all gender locker room. 
  • The all gender locker room is available for visitors requiring special assistance or for patrons with opposite gender children. A parent or guardian must accompany children. Clothing must be worn in areas outside the private changing rooms. 
  • The City of Troy is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Locks are highly recommended when storing personal items. 
  • Small item lockers are available at the Fitness Desk. Lockers are for daily use only and are complementary. 
  • Cell phone use in Locker Rooms is strictly prohibited. 
Fitness Room Policies
  • Please ask for assistance if you do not know how to use a machine. 
  • The use of chalk is not permitted on any machines or free weights. 
  • No loud, foul, or slanderous language while lifting. 
  • Report any equipment problems to the Fitness Desk. 
  • Proper athletic clothing required. Open toed shoes are not permitted. 
  • Equipment must be wiped down after use. 
  • All personal belongings should be secured in the locker room. No bags/purses allowed in the fitness room. 
  • Age Restrictions: The minimum age to use the fitness room is 13. 
  • Weight Machine/Free Weight Use: 
    • The equipment is meant to be shared among users. Ask to “work in” and allow others to work in. Do not sit on equipment between sets. Be patient when waiting for equipment, and be efficient when using equipment when others are waiting. 
    • Observe instruction placards for proper use of machines. 
    • Additional weight cannot be added to machines. 
    • Do not bang or drop weights. 
    • Dumbbells must be used on the rubber mat area. 
    • Collars on weight bars are mandatory at all times. 
    • Always use a spotter when lifting maximum weight. 
    • Return weights and accessories to their proper locations. 
Gymnasium Policies
  • Soft soled, non-marking athletic shoes are required. 
  • Hanging from the rims and nets is prohibited. 
  • All personal belongings should be secured in the locker room. 
  • All games will terminate when posted end time of session has been reached regardless of the status of the game. 
  • Staff will set up all badminton, volleyball, pickleball nets, and equipment. Patrons are not allowed to touch equipment to set up. 
  • Users displaying unsportsmanlike conduct will be asked to leave and/or be suspended from the facility. 
  • Scheduled programs and activities will have priority over drop in use. 
  • Football, lacrosse and baseball are prohibited. 
  • Jewelry and headwear is not recommended during participation. 
Open Gym Policies (Subject to change by Recreation Staff)


  • All games will be a maximum of 15 minutes, or the first team to score 11 points. 
  • A team can play a maximum of two games before rotating out, even if they win the second game. 
  • There will be a maximum of a two-minute break between games. 
  • If a game is tied after 15-minutes, next basket wins. 
  • All waiting participants must be rotated in. 


  • Please restrict warm-up time to no more than 2-minutes. 
  • No more than one game in a row if participants are waiting to play. 
  • Please wait to play by one of the 4 courts (as a foursome). 
  • No Singles play unless no participants are waiting.


  • Please restrict warm-up time to no more than two minutes. If time allows and hitting practice is desired, please inform those on the opposite side prior to hitting. 
  • Games are scored utilizing the rally scoring system to 15-points and a team must win by two points. 
  • A team can play a maximum of two games before rotating out, even if they win the second game. 
  • There will be a maximum of a two-minute break between games. 
  • Participants waiting for the next game have priority. Members of the exiting team may not join the next team unless there are not enough players waiting to form a team. 
  • There are no referees so please be considerate and honest in line calls, net violations, ball handling and line violations. 
  • Consecutive double hits are permitted on the first ball (off arm or chest). 


  • Equipment is provided for use and only appropriate paddles should be used for playing pickleball. NO RACQUETS WITH STRINGS ALLOWED. 
  • Winners on a court can split up and stay on for one consecutive match. No players should be on the court more than two games in a row if people are waiting to play. If no one is waiting to play this rule does not apply. 
  • Do not cross behind a court while a point is in play. 
  • Every attempt should be made to include newer players into the games. Please give newer players a brief explanation of the game. 
Aerobic/Dance Studio Policies
  • Soft soled and non-marking shoes are required. 
  • Spectators are to remain in the viewing room or corridor. 
  • Use of the aerobic room and equipment is only allowed during regularly scheduled classes. Classes are not included with memberships. 
Indoor Pool Policies

The indoor leisure pool (82–84 degrees) includes slides, kiddie water features, and lap lanes (20 yards long, 44 laps = 1 mile) at a depth of 4 feet. Separate therapy pool (88–91 degrees) available at a depth of 3.5 feet. Lap swim/open swim times listed online at

General Pool Policies 

  • Appropriate and approved swim attire is required which includes a lined bathing suit (gym shorts are not permitted). No outside apparel. No cotton or jeans. 
  • Children 6 years and under must be directly supervised in the water by an individual 18 or older and must be within an arm's-length from the child at all times. 
  • Children between 7–10 years old must have an adult in the pool area at all times. 
  • Showers are recommended prior to entry. 
  • Children who are not toilet trained must wear an approved swim diaper or rubber pants, under a swimsuit.  
  • Coast Guard approved life jackets are allowed. Otherwise outside flotation devices and toys are prohibited. 
  • Bring pool footwear—no shoes allowed on deck. 
  • Water in plastic bottles is allowed; all other food and drink must be kept out of the pool area. 
  • Jumping or diving into the pool is not allowed. 
  • Foul language, disruptive behavior, spitting, pollution of the water, and running on the deck are not permitted. 
  • Hanging on pool dividers/lap lanes is not allowed. 
  • Lifts must be used appropriately. 
  • Patrons are responsible for recognizing their own limitations and acting in the best interest of their own safety.

Lap Lane Rules

    • Children are permitted to swim in lap lanes if they are at a lap swimmer level, can swim well and continuously, and follow lap lane etiquette during open swim times. 
    • Managers/staff may limit the number of users in lanes if safety becomes a concern. 
    • Goggles and masks are allowed for lap swimmers. 
    • Swimmers who need to rest should sit on the side of the pool to avoid congestion. 
    • Please return boards after use. 
    • Hanging on lane markers is not permitted. 
    • One lap lane will be available during open swim times. Two may be available at times if one is not being used for programming (private lessons, LG class, etc.) at the discretion of Pool Manager. 
    • The following Lap lane etiquette will be observed:
      • Observe lane speeds. If continually passed or passing, move into the next appropriate lane. 
      • Split lane is used when more than two people are swimming. Circle pattern swimming is used when three or more people are swimming. Swimmers swim on the right side of the lane in counter-clockwise direction.
      • When passing go to the middle of the lane, after carefully tapping the foot of the front swimmer. 
  • Therapy Pool Rules: Youth under 18 are not permitted unless the pool is being used for a program or patron has a doctor’s note requesting use for therapeutic reasons. 
  • Slide Rules 
    • Riders must be at least 42” and able to reach stairs without assistance to slide alone. 
    • Masks, goggles, eyeglasses, and metal objects are not allowed on the slide. 
    • Slide feet first only, on back or in a seated position. 
    • Only one rider at a time. Human chains and rapid succession of sliding is not permitted. 
    • Keep hands inside the slide and refrain from turning and stopping. 
    • Exit the plunge pool immediately.