Weather Policy

Wondering if there is a program or event cancellation?

There are 2 ways to find the status of a program or event:

1. Look for an alert like this at the top of the page:

If an event, program, or facility is cancelled/closed due to weather, an alert will be posted at the top of the website on all pages. If no alert is visible, all is on as scheduled.
2. Sign up for alerts
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  • Rec Alerts are for all recreation program cancellations, Fitness Center announcements, and Community Center weather alerts.
  • TFAC Alerts are for all weather, capacity, and other Troy Family Aquatic Center alerts.
  • Sports Alerts are for sports leagues and sports camp cancellations and announcements. 

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PLEASE NOTE: We may also email all those registered for a cancelled program, but the email will go to the primary account holder in the household. We do not post alerts on social media unless it is a full building closure, so always visit our website to look for alerts. 

Outdoor Sports

Weekday Sports Camps & Evening Leagues

The Recreation Department will make decisions on the status of games/programs up to 4 pm. After 4 pm, report to the site and a decision will be made by officials/program leaders on status/playability of games/camps.   

If the Oakland County tornado siren sounds signifying a tornado warning, all games/programs will automatically cease.

Troy Family Aquatic Center


The decision to close the facility for inclement weather is based on the severity of weather.

  • Light Rain/Low Temperatures: If it’s lightly raining/misting, we will remain open. Lower temperatures may keep guests away, so we may close due to low patronage in these scenarios.
  • Thunder & Lightning: Lightning is dangerous while swimming. The facility will close for 30 minutes per incident of lightning or thunder. All patrons must exit during these closures, but may re-enter if the storm passes.
  • Heavy Rain & Thunderstorms: We will close for the day if the radar shows prolonged thunderstorms. We must close if it is raining so hard that lifeguards cannot see the bottom of the pool

Indoor Programs

The following is the Troy Recreation Department Weather Policy for snow, frigid temperatures, road conditions, etc:

When Troy Schools are closed due to inclement weather:

  • Rainbow Preschool is closed for the entire day
  • All programs and leagues held at school facilities are canceled until further notice. Evening programs will follow Troy School District re-opening schedule
  • Programs held at the Community Center starting before 12 pm are cancelled. Senior trips should check the website/weather hotline for an update.
  • Determination on programs held at the Community Center after 12 pm will be updated on the weather hotline and website after 10:30 am. A decision is made at 2:30 pm for evening programs.
  • For programs held at private facilities: Contact the facility directly.
  • For weekend programs: Call the weather hotline or visit the website after 7:45 am.

Programs cancelled due to inclement weather may be rescheduled at the instructor's discretion. You will be notified of refund or rescheduling via the email you registered with. Make sure your email on your household account is up to date.


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