Activities At Home

Fun activities for you and your family to enjoy!

Troy Recreation has compiled a list of some wonderful, diverse ideas that will spark creativity, promote mental health, and keep your physical fitness in top shape.

Explore Creative:
  • DIY Bookmark: Don't want to fold your pages but need something to mark them? Try this DIY bookmark.
  • Creative Bug: Offers thousands of high-quality art and craft video workshops.
  • Homemade Fruit Roll-Ups: A quick, healthy, and fruity snack.
  • Homemade Scrabble: Traditional board games can be made at home – even Scrabble!
  • World Art Day: April 15 is World Art Day, but you can explore art all days of the week. Take a Louvre tour.
  • Coffee Filter Butterfly: Do more with coffee filters – make butterflies out of them.
  • Welcome Sign: A little porch art can make the front of your home look warm and welcome.
  • Homemade Watering Can: Can't find your watering can from last spring? Make your own!
  • DIY Book Cover: Is your notepad, sketchbook or diary too plain? Personalize it and create your own cover.
  • Bubble Blowing Recipe: Learn how to make your own bubble solution. No one gets sick of bubbles.
  • Kindness Rocks: Spread a little kindness with a rock, some paint, and a simple message.
  • Handprint Sunflower: Need some bright and cheery art in your home? Handpaint a sunflower!
  • May Fourth: May the 4th be with you. Explore all kinds of Star Wars crafts and how to make them.
  • Nature Collage: Collages can be beautiful works of art. Try creating one with elements of the earth.
  • Journey Stick: All explorers should have their very own persoanlized journey stick.
  • Popsicle Stick Turtle: Don't throw that popsicle stick away – repurpose it and make a popsicle stick turtle.
  • DSO Replay: Detroit Symphony Orchestra can be listened to right on the comfort of your own couch.
  • Wood Slice Coasters: Make a wood slice coaster that is environmental friendly and add some artistic flair.

Explore Fitness and Mental Wellness:

  • Chalk Obstacle Course: It's obstacle time – grab some chalk and make up the greatest obstacle course of all time.
  • Workouts With Your Kids: Who said the kids can't workout with you?
  • Treasure Hunt: Hide the gold, find the gold! Create a fun and challenging treasure hunt.
  • Kids Yoga: Yoga isn't only for adults – now kids can enjoy it too.
  • 85+ Hunts and Activities:  A never ending list of fun hunts and great activities.
  • Nature Scavenger Hunt: Get some fresh air – explore the outdoors and collect natural elements of the earth.
  • TV Workouts: Now you can binge watch Netflix and get some physical fitness in – you can stop feeling guilty now.
  • Card Deck Workout: A fun way to get a workout in – all you need is a deck of cards.
  • P.E. With Joe: Make exercising fun for your kids with these fun P.E. videos with Joe!
  • Cooking Workout: Hit two birds with one stone – bake cookies and do your crunches.
  • MI Live Cams: With MI Live Cams, you can now explore MI without the need to leave the comofort of your home.
  • Wildlife Garden: Find out how to make a wildlife garden and how to get it certified.
  • Family Games with Playworks: Explore fun games to play with the family.