Indoor Pool

The indoor leisure pool (82–84º) includes slides, kiddie water features, and lap lanes (20 yards long, 44 laps = 1 mile) at a depth of 4 feet. Separate therapy pool (88–91º) available at a depth of 31/2 feet. Programs include water aerobics classes, swim lessons (private and group), and special events. Rentals and birthday parties are available. 

If you have any questions, please call 248.619.7270.

INDOOR POOL SCHEDULE: June 15–September 2, 2019
MONDAY 11 am–6:45 pm 5:30–10 am
8:30–10:45 am  10:05–10:55 am
7–50 pm
TUESDAY 11 am–8  pm  5:30–8:45 am
6:50–7:55 pm 9–9:50 pm   9–11 am 8–8:45 pm 
WEDNESDAY 11 am–6:45 pm 5:30–10  am
8:30–10:45 am  10:30–11:20 am
7–7:50 pm
THURSDAY 11 am–8 pm 5:30–8:45 am
6:30–7:55 pm  9–9:50 pm   9–11 am 8–8:45 pm 
FRIDAY 11 am–9 pm  5:30–10 am
   10:05–10:55 am    
SATURDAY 11:30 am–6:30 pm 7:15–9 am 9–10:40 am  9:05–9:55 am  

10:45–11:30 am
SUNDAY 11:30 am–4:30 pm  8:15–11:30 am*  5:50–6:55 pm     5–5:45 pm

Tables highlighted in orange indicate classes/lessons that require registration. Schedule is tentative as some activities may be canceled or times altered due to other functions/activities. Some swim lessons may take place during open swim. One lap lane available during open swim. Adult Lap/Therapy are available during open swim as well. Saturdays 6:30–10 pm reserved for rentals and special events. 
*2 lanes available 

Important Pool Rules


  • Children 6 years and under must be directly supervised in the water by an individual 16 or older and must be within an arms length from the child at all times. 
  • Children between 6–10 years old must have an adult in pool area at all times. 
  • Appropriate and approved swimwear is required. No outside apparel. 
  • Showers are required prior to entry. 
  • Children who are not toilet trained must wear tight-fitting plastic pants over an approved swim diaper. 
  • Flotation devices may not be brought into the pool. Coast Guard approved life jackets are allowed. A complete list of rules is available at the administration desk. 
  • Bring pool footwear—no shoes allowed on deck.