Troy Family Aquatic Center

The award winning Troy Family Aquatic Center is opening for its 25th season this summer!


  • Main pool with a zero-depth edge
  • Tube and body slides
  • Kiddie area with a waterfall
  • Kiddie slide and splash pad
  • Sand volleyball
  • Sand play area
  • Harvey’s Hut Concession Stand
 May 27–May 29
    10:30–11 am  Season Pass Holders Only
 11 am–7:30 pm  Open Swim
Early Season Hours: May 30–June 16
Mon–Fri  3–7:30 pm  Open Swim
Sat & Sun   10:30–11 am  Season Pass Holders Only
Sat & Sun   11 am–7:30 pm  Open Swim
Regular Hours: June 17–August 10
Mon–Sun  9–10 am  Lap Swim Only
Mon–Sun 10:30–11 am  Season Pass Holders Only 
Mon–Fri  11 am–7:30 pm (June & Aug)  Open Swim 
Mon–Fri  11 am–8 pm (July)  Open Swim 
Sat & Sun  11 am–7:30 pm  Open Swim 
End of Season Hours: August 11–September 7 
Mon–Sun  9–10 am  Lap Swim Only
Mon–Sun  10:30–11 am   Season Pass Holders Only 
Mon–Sun  11 am–7 pm  Open Swim