Medi-Go Plus

LadyGettingOffMedigo2Troy Medi-Go Plus (248.457.1100) is a non-profit providing door-to-door transportation for Troy residents age 60+ or an adults with disabilities age 18+. Fare is $2 each way. Boundaries: North: Auburn Road including Barclay Circle; South: 12 Mile Road; East: Mound Road; West: Southfield Road, Adams Road. Reserve ride in advance.

SMART Connector

SMART Connector (866.962.5515) is a curb-to-curb, advance reservation service within a 10 mile radius of your beginning destination. For medical trips, passengers may call up to 6 days in advance. All others may call up to 2 days in advance.

SMART Fixed Route Bus Service

WheelchairGettingOnMedigoBus service is available on main roads to many communities in Oakland, Wayne, and Macomb counties. Call SMART at 866.962.5515 or visit their website at for information and schedules.