Troy Community Center Fitness Classes

Fitness Classes

Troy Community Center offers a variety of fitness classes for adults. Whether you're looking to zen out with yoga or need something to get your blood pumping, TCC has something for you! 

A Fitness Center membership is not required to register for these classes, but current and active members do receive discounted pricing. See details below. 

Class options
All classes take place at Troy Community Center Fitness Center. Current TCC Fitness Members receive a $10 discount to all classes and the Flex into the Fitness. Must remain active through duration of session to receive discount.
Download the Winter 2024 Session 2 Fitness Schedule
Download the Spring 2024 Session Fitness Schedule
Specialty Fitness Classes

Just looking for a specific work out this season? Sign up for one or several of our individual classes. These classes cannot be mixed and matched, you may only attend the class(es) you have registered for. Search Act #3775 for current classes  or see what's available on the calendar.  
Flex into Fitness 
Flex into Fitness is a seasonal pass for a select list of classes to drop into for the season.  Attend a few or attend them all!  These classes cannot be signed up for individually, you must purchase the pass. Classes take place in our upstairs studios in the Fitness Center. Registrants will receive a key fob for entrance. Make sure to get yours on the first day of class if you registered online. See class descriptions below. Click here to register for Flex into Fitness

Flex into Fitness Class Descriptions

Please note that not all of the below classes are offered every season. Download the current schedule above or pick one up at Troy Community Center. 

CLASS INTENSITY SCALE: ● = LOW | ● ● = MILD | ● ● ● = MODERATE  | ● ● ● ● = HIGH

  • Balance & Stretch ● ●: Increase core strength to improve flexibility and stability for daily activities. Students must be able to do floor work. Bring a towel or pillow for your head.
  • Beginning Indoor Cycle ●: Learn the fundamentals and safety of indoor cycling. Enjoy a fun indoor bike ride to upbeat music. All are welcome, but must be able to get on a bike.
  • Chair Exercise ● ●: Enjoy an all body workout from the comfort of a chair. Great to attend if you have never exercised, are coming off an injury, or have balance issues.
  • Chair Strength ●● : Low impact seated workout using variety of weight and resistance equipment, ending with a relaxing stretch and cool down.
  • Core Strength & Mobility ● ● ●: Condition your core to look and feel strong, and to assist with pain relief and posture. Ideal class if you suffer from lower back pain, have limited spinal mobility, or want to improve your core overall.
  • Cycle Sculpt ● ● ●: Fun and invigorating ride to boost your cardiovascular endurance. Low-impact sculpting movements are added to target major muscle groups. All levels welcomed
  • SHiNE Dance Fitness ● ● ●: A fun, full-body, aerobic workout with simple-to-follow choreography.  Dance to radio hits and improve strength, balance, and coordination.  Attend the first three weeks regularly to learn combinations quickly and easily. Formerly DanceIT. 
  • Full Body Circuit ● ● ●: Improve your strength, stability, endurance and more. A challenging class in a low pressure environment. This class includes cardio elements and some impact.
  • Functional Strength ● ●: Using body weight, hand weight and resistance, build strength and flexibility to help you meet the demands of real-life activities.
  • Pilates ● ●: This intensive workout enhances posture, flexibility, endurance and balance while toning your core. Wear comfortable clothing and bring a mat.
  • POUND ● ● ●: A full-body cardio jam session, combining light resistance with constant simulated drumming. Fuses cardio, Pilates, strength movements, plyometrics, and isometric poses.
  • POUND Unplugged ● ● ●: A 30-minute class that balances focused, high-intensity exercises with restorative movements, rhythmic breathing and meditation.
  • Restorative Yoga ● ●: You will use props to support the postures, and all poses will be very mild in their intensity. Please bring a small blanket or beach sized towel with your water bottle and mat to class.
  • Slow Flow Yoga ●: A Hatha Yoga practice that pairs breath and movement together. Sequences of postures that will create a yoga flow. All levels.
  • Strength & Stretch ●●●: Using elements of yoga and a continuous flow of movement throughout the class, build strength, length and endurance.
  • Total Strength ● ● ●: Challenges every major muscle group using a variety of weight and resistance equipment. End with core work and a relaxing stretch and cool down.
  • Water Aerobics ● ● ●: Ride the waves as a variety of moves make for a great, low impact workout!
  • Zumba ● ●: Latin-inspired, dance fitness class with simple cardio-based moves and rhythms to target the heart and tone the total body.
  • Zumba Gold ●: Low intensity, low impact Latin inspired class for those with movement restrictions. Designed to increase heart rate and tone the body.


Ilene's Balance, Stretch & Tone and Chair Yoga are being played on WTRY every day at 8 am and 9 am. 

  • WOW: Channel 10
  • Comcast: Channel 17
  • AT&T: Channel 99