Troy Recreation Welcome to our New Website!

Welcome to our New Website!

Welcome to our redesigned website! All the same information from Troy Recreation Department, but a fresh design and new features to help you find what you need. Here are a few features we're excited about:

1. A space for announcements
You're currently looking at our first new feature: A Recreation Announcement space! Any announcements about building maintenance, schedule changes, or any other news-worthy notice will be available here and will always be archived to look back on. The 3 most recent items can be seen on the home page, and past items will be located here

2. Multiple calendars  
This new calendar allows to have separate calendars for the programs you are looking for. Select the individual calendars you are looking for,  search types of programs, or view all at once. Explore weekly and monthly views to see what's happening at Troy Rec. We've also added select programs from Stage Nature Center and Troy Historic Village (events loaded soon, see their websites for all programs), so you can see what else is happening in Troy. 

3. Accessibility options from UserWay.org
You will see this icon on every page of the website. This feature allows several different accessibility options, like increasing contrast of colors, dyslexia friendly type, and increasing or decreasing font sizes. 

4. Enhanced search features
Looking for adult softball policies? Maybe you need to know exactly where to purchase dance shoes for Premiere Plus Dance. Look for the above "search the FAQs" boxes on many of our pages with drop-down pages. This search box will immediately filter out the drop-downs and show you what you're looking for! If nothing shows up, it's because we don't have it yet. 

5. Cleaner Site Map
We had our previous website design in place for roughly 5 years. We listened to your feedback over time and cleaned things up. We have more quick links visible in the main menu, your favorite links on the home page, and we've condensed our information into a more simplified site map. Explore the website and click around! Our goal is for you to find everything you need easily, without needing to call us to find it. Email us anytime at parksandreconline@troymi.gov with feedback. What may make sense to us may not make sense to the customer, so we value our residents' input. 

A final note: Please your cookies!
If you're still seeing the previous website in google searches, please take a moment to clear your cookies/cache on your web browser. While our website should immediately be pointing you to this new design, it may take google a few weeks to catch up. Since our overall website search is powered by google, it may also take some time for this function to begin working. 

Please note that our registration site has not been affected by this change and remains the same.