Adult/Teen Swim

Adult/Teen Swim Lessons

Adult/Teen Swim lessons will follow the same curriculum as Starfish Swim School. Classes will be broken up by skill level on the first day of class. 6-week classes are available at $66 classes for residents, $76 for non-residents.

Other Available Swim Classes

Icon_FPWater Wave Aerobics: Ride the waves of fun as a variety of moves make for a great workout! Class is designed for adults.

Gentel Aquatic Exercise: 
Gentle-to-your-joints water exercise. Enter pool at zero depth edge. Water temperature is 82-84 degrees. HAP sponsors the summer session of this class. Simply come to the front desk, sign the Recreation Department waiver and get a number to attend class. 50 numbers available each day for each class.

Womens Only Swim Class: The windows in the pool area will be covered for your privacy. Participants will be divided based on ability. All pool staff will be female. Only offered in fall, winter and spring.