Swim Lessons

Preschool and Youth Swim Lessons

Swim lessons will be taught at Troy Family Aquatic Center starting in June. Lessons move back to the Indoor Pool starting in September. 

Preschool Swim Lessons

Ages 2 ½–5          1 teacher : 4 kids
Click each title below to see available classes and register online. 

Preschool 1: Ready to participate on own. Skills: Blowing bubbles, floats, bobbing.

Preschool 2: Learn beginner stroke, glides, and water safety.

Preschool 3: Improve beginner stroke, floats, glides, other strokes.

Preschool 4: Continues to develop beginner stroke. If pass and 5 years old, can move to Level 2. If under 5, go to Preschool 5.

Preschool 5: Independently swimming. Beginner strokes in deeper water. Pass and move to Level 2. 

Youth Swim Lessons 

Level 1: Kids who have little experience in the water. Breath holding, floats

Level 2: Class works on floats, beginner stroke, and water safety.

Level 3: Focus on rhythmic breathing, develops front and back strokes.

Level 4: Improve front, and back crawl. Introduce breaststroke, and dolphin kick.

Level 5: Refine previous strokes and learn butterfly and flip turns.

Level 6: Become proficient in all strokes and improve endurance and flip turns.

Level 7: 
Competitive swim class, focused on endurance and stroke drills.