Starfish Aquatics

Introducing Starfish Swimming!

SAIApprovedTCTroy Recreation Department is now an independent authorized provider of Starfish Swimming. Starfish Swimming is a nationally recognized swim instruction curriculum developed by the Starfish Aquatics Institute (SAI). Learn more about SAI at 

The Starfish Swimming Curriculum is designed for students ages 6 months to adult. Benchmarks are established at each stage in the program that combine both swimming and safety skills. Students participate in experiential learning activities that allow them to explore the water in a creative and comfortable environment. Correct swimming techniques are taught from the very beginning, providing an easy transition to swim team. 

Below you will find the curriculum used in the Parent Assisted classes (ages 6 months–36 months), classes for Timid Swimmers (ages 3–12), Starfish Swim School (ages 3+) and Starfish Stroke School programs. Our swim instructors will communicate your child’s progression through the curriculum on a regular basis. 

Parent Assisted 

Star Babies (6–18 months)

Adult is REQUIRED to be in the water.
Focus: Water safety for parents. Water introduction for infants/toddlers.
Parents will work on building water safety habits and skills through songs, activities and repetition.

Star Tots (18 months-3 years)

Adult is REQUIRED to be in the water.
Focus: Water safety for parents. Water introduction for children or preparation for independent classes.
Parents will work on building water safety habits and skills through songs, activities and repetition. 

Class ratio: 1:10

Timid Swimmers 

Introduction to Water: Water Bugs (3–5 years) & Water Explorers (6–12 years)

Focus: To help provide water introduction, at an independent level-for those who are timid or scared of the water.
Skills: Being relaxed when in the water, moving around, getting wet, going under, and recovering for air.

Class ratio: 1:3

Starfish Swim School 
Students work toward development of the five core swimming competencies and receive color stage awards for each achievement. The color stages are used to divide students into broad ability groups. Children progress at individual rates with the opportunity to learn the core swimming skills and progress to advanced strokes. Learning is self-paced, but challenging.

Swim School is divided into two age groups: 3–5 years and 6–12 years.  Ages 3–5 class ratios are 1:5, ages 6–12 class ratios are 1:6. 

Beginning Stage: Red

Focus: Trust, submersion, body position, and air recovery
Skills: Blowing bubbles, floating, rolling, streamlines and jumping in.

Stage Yellow

Prerequisite: Completion of Stage Red or equivalent skills. 
Focus: Forward movement and direction change
Skills: Moving independently in the water using streamlines, changing directions, kicking, and pulling.

Stage Blue

Prerequisite: Completion of Stage Yellow or equivalent skills. 
Focus: Rotary movement
Skills: Streamlines, side glides and rolling

Stage Green

Prerequisite: Completion of Stage Blue or equivalent skills.
Focus: Integrated movement.
Skills: Side glides, overarm pulls, and patterned breathing. 

Starfish Stroke School 
Students refine freestyle and learn stroke technique for backstroke, butterfly, breaststroke and more! Must complete all levels of Swim School before taking Stroke School, starting with Swim Freestyle. Must follow class order for Stroke School (Swim Freestyle, Swim backstroke, Swim Butterfly, Swim Breaststroke, Endurance Swim). These classes are for ages 6–12. 

Beginning: Swim Freestyle

Prerequisite: Be able to start in a side glide and swim 30 feet of freestyle with a breathing pattern.
Focus: To refine their freestyle mechanics and introduce backstroke.
Skills: Refining techniques of freestyle (arm pull, recovery, and consistent form).
Class ratio: 1:6

Swim Backstroke

Prerequisite: Swim 30 feet of freestyle with consistent form and 30 feet backstroke.
Focus: To refine their backstroke mechanics and introduce butterfly.
Skills: Refining techniques of backstroke (arm pull, body roll, and body extension).
Class ratio: 1:6

Swim Butterfly

Prerequisite: Swim 30 feet backstroke with consistent form and dolphin kick for 15 feet.
Focus: To refine their butterfly mechanics
Skills: Butterfly techniques- pulsing, timing, and arm strokes.
Class ratio: 1:6

Swim Breaststroke

Prerequisite: Swim 10 feet butterfly, and continue the length of the pool with freestyle
Focus: To refine their breaststroke mechanics
Skills: Breaststroke techniques- body motion, timing, kick, and arm pull.
Class ratio: 1:6

Endurance Swim

Prerequisite: Swim 30 feet of breaststroke
Focus: To work on continuous swimming and building endurance when swimming.
Skills: Turns, swimming distances, and learn about swim training techniques.
Class ratio: 1:7