Troy Swim School

Welcome to Troy Swim School!

The Troy Swim School Curriculum is designed for students ages 6 months to adult. Benchmarks are established at each stage in the program that combines both swimming and safety skills. Students participate in experiential learning activities that allow them to explore the water in a creative and comfortable environment.

Teen and adult lessons return! See available lesson dates and times in the current Recreation Guide.

Swim lessons are split into to two sessions for the fall and have separate registration dates:

  • Session 1: Begins 8/10 for residents, 8/12 for non-residents
  • Session 2: Begins 10/18 for residents, 10/19 for non-residents

Please note the registration dates listed for each class in the recreation guide. The second session of swim lessons have a late registration date so that first session students can determine if they can move onto the next level or stay.


Class Descriptions

Not sure which group level to start at? View our Swim Lesson Chart.

New Swimmers
Parent Assisted: Ages 6 months–3 years
Requires 1 adult per child in the water

Parents will learn how to have fun in the water with their child. They will learn water safety topics and skills to help
develop a love of water. Child will build skills to prepare them for learning to swim in programs.

Preschool: Ages 3–5 Years
Preschool 1: Beginning Stage

  • Class Focus: Going under water independently.
  • Skill Concentration: Breath control, floats, submersion.
Preschool 2: Beginner/Intermediate Stage
  • Class Focus: Independence getting in and out, and floating.
  • Skill Concentration: Floats, rolling, jumping in, climbing out, kicking.

Preschool 3: Intermediate Stage

  • Class Focus: Moving around the water independently (kicking & reaching)
  • Skill Concentration: Kicking, reaching, glides.
Preschool 4: Advanced Stage
  • Class Focus: Building readiness for strokes and distances.
  • Skill Concentration: Breathing patterns, body positions, combining reaching and kicking movements.

Elementary: Ages 6–12 Years

Elementary 1: Beginner

  • Class Focus: Going under water independently.
  • Skill Concentration: Breath control, floats, submersion.

Elementary 2: Intermediate

  • Class Focus: Moving around in the water, away from the wall.
  • Skill Concentration: Glides, kicking, and reaching.

Elementary 3: Advanced

  • Class Focus: Building readiness for learning strokes and swimming distances.
  • Skill Concentration: Body position, breathing patterns, front crawl.

Elementary 4: Stroke Introduction

  • Class Focus: Freestyle and Backstroke.
  • Skill Concentration: Freestyle and Backstroke techniques.

Elementary 5: Stroke Introduction

  • Class Focus: Butterfly and Breaststroke.
  • Skill Concentration: Butterfly and Breaststroke techniques.

Elementary 6: Expert Stage

  • Class Focus: Building readiness for swim team.
  • Skill Concentration: Competitive stroke techniques, turns, times, interval swimming.
1-on-1 Lessons

Youth 1-on-1 Lessons: Ages 3–12

  • Beginning–Intermediate levels. 1 person/household per class.

Teen & Adult 1-on-1 Lessons:

  • Ages 13+ Beginning–Intermediate levels. 1 person/household per class