Icon_FlexIcon_FPFull Body Circuit Training
This class is designed to work all of your major muscle groups and give you a sense of accomplishment only gained by an intense workout. High intensity class for ages 18 and older. Please hydrate throughout the day. Bring water bottle to class.
MEETS: Mondays, 7–8 pm & Wednesdays, 5:30–6:30 pm & Saturdays, 10:30–11:30 am

Icon_FlexIcon_FPHigh Intensity Instructor's Choice
Vary your workout to stay motivated, challenged, and prevent muscle memory. Class format will alternate each week to include cardio, step, interval, cardio kick, and resistance. High intensity class.
MEETS: M/W, 6–6:55 pm                   

Icon_FlexIcon_FPKettle Bell & Core

You will be using kettle bells to perform compound exercises for a total body workout designed to strengthen your entire body while incorporating core strength in a circuit setting. You will also increase your cardio capacity while blasting calories. All fitness levels.
MEETS: Wednesdays, 6:45–7:45 pm            

Icon_FlexIcon_FPResistance Training
You will use hand weights, body bars, bands, and body resistance to increase muscle endurance and improve definition. Work both upper and lower body using controlled movements set to music. This class may be used as a supplement to your cardiovascular workout.
MEETS: Saturdays, 9:30–10:25 am           

Icon_FlexIcon_FPTabata/Core Conditioning
This class will infuse Tabata cardio intervals and core specific exercises to increase cardio endurance and core strength all in one class. You will see greater cardio endurance, flexibility, definition, and toning in your core, along with improved posture. All fitness levels.
MEETS: T/Th, 8–8:55 am                   

Icon_FlexIcon_FPTotal Strength
Develop muscle tone and endurance. This simple workout challenges every major muscle group using a variety of weight and resistance equipment, including your own body. Class ends with a core work out, and a relaxing stretch and cool down.
MEETS: M/W/F, 8–8:55 am with Nancy/Barb
M/W, 7–7:55 pm with Joan
T/Th, 6–6:55 am with Josh
Saturdays, 8:30–9:25 am with Josh

Icon_FlexIcon_FPTriceps, Tummy and Tush
Start now to look great in a tank top, shorts, and your bathing suit! Work your arms/shoulders, core, and glutes in this class designed to tone and strengthen these sometimes troublesome areas. We will utilize hand weights and other resistance equipment to execute moves that will have these areas looking “buff” in no time! No prior experience necessary.
MEETS: M/W/F, 10–10:55 am