Fitness Classes

Indoor Fitness ClassesClasses are scheduled so there will limited contact in between sessions. To assist with contact tracing and ensure your safety:
  • Class sizes are limited to allow for social distancing 
  • Masks are required at all times
  • Registration is required to assist in contact tracing

Classes are open to all to register, but TCC members receive a discount: $15 off each class. Membership must be active and not on a freeze to receive the discount. 

There will be NO drop ins for these classes, must register ahead of time. Schedule is listed after class descriptions. 

Class Descriptions

Class Intensity Scale: 
●  = Low
● ●  = Mild
● ● ●  = Moderate
● ● ● ● = High

● ● ●
Step aerobics with muscle conditioning. Be prepared to step into an intense cardio and muscle workout.

DanceIT ● ● ●
Dance to Latin and Rock grooves for full-body toning and cardio. Improve flexibility, coordination, and strength with easy routines. Quickly learn routines by attending first 3 weeks with same instructor.

Group Cycle ● ● ● ●
This stationary bike class will motivate you with an energizing cardio workout, sending fat burning and endurance into high gear.

Mat Pilates ● ●
This intensive workout enhances posture, flexibility, endurance and balance while toning your core. Wear comfortable clothing and bring a mat.

Pilates, Balance & Stretch ● ●
Improve your posture, stability and balance working with bosu, and stability balls. Increase your flexibility through dynamic stretching. Bring a hand towel as it will be utilized in the dynamic stretching portion of the class.

Slow Flow Yoga
Designed to develop flexibility and strength in the body through the flow of postures linked to the breath. Focus on the body-breath-mind connection can help reduce stress and create greater balance and aliveness. Poses can be adapted for beginners through intermediate levels.

Total Strength ● ● ●
Challenges every major muscle group using a variety of weight and resistance equipment. Ends with core work and a relaxing stretch and cool down.

Water Aerobics ● ● ●
Ride the waves as a variety of moves make for a great, low impact workout!

Yoga ● ●
Designed to focus on the breath, incorporating stretching, modified postures, and simple meditations. Please bring a mat, a folded blanket to lie on, and water bottle.

Zumba ● ●
Latin-inspired, dance fitness class with simple cardio-based moves and rhythms to target the heart and tone the total body.

Spring 2021 Classes: 8 Weeks, $59 Residents, $69 Non-Residents$15 discount per class for fitness members! Membership must be active and not on a freeze to receive the discount.

Act # Class Instructor Day Dates Time Location
3772-A2 Slow Flow Yoga MaryBeth Mon 4/12–6/7* 9:15–10:10 am Studio D
3772-B2 Water Aerobics Christine Mon 4/12–6/7* 10–10:50 am Pool
3772-C2 Zumba Linda Tue 4/13–6/1 9–9:50 am Studio D
3772-D2 Total Strength Barb Tue 4/13–6/1 9–9:50 am Studio A
3772-E2 Mat Pilates Linda Tue 4/13–6/1 10–10:50 am Studio D
3772-F2 Zumba Dalya Tue 4/13–6/1 6:30–7:20 pm Studio D
3772-G2 Group Cycle Mary Wed 4/14–6/2 7–7:50 am Studio D
3772-H2 Cardio/Strength Barb Wed 4/14–6/2 9–9:50 am Studio A
3772-I2 Yoga Barb Wed 4/14–6/2 10–10:50 am Studio A
3772-J2 Water Aerobics Bec Wed 4/14–6/2 7–7:50 pm Pool
3772-K2 Zumba Dalya Thu 4/15–6/3 9–9:50 am Studio D
3772-L2 Pilates Barb Thu 4/15–6/3 9–9:50 am Studio B/C
3772-M2 Cardio/Strength Barb Thu 4/15–6/3 10–10:50 am Studio A
3772-N2 Yoga MaryBeth Thu 4/15–6/3 6–6:50 pm Studio D
3772-O2 Zumba Dalya Sat 4/10–6/5** 10–10:50 am Studio D
3772-P2 Pilates, Balance, Stretch Ilene Mon 4/12–6/7* 10–10:50 am Studio B/C
3772-Q2 Pilates, Balance, Stretch Ilene Wed 4/14–6/2 10–10:50 am Studio B/C
3772-R2 Water Aerobics Christine Thu 4/15–6/3 10–10:50 am Pool
3773-A2 DanceIT Denise Mon 4/12–6/7* 9–9:50 am Studio A
3773-B2 DanceIT Kim Mon 4/12–6/7* 6–6:50 pm Studio A
3773-C2 DanceIT Roxanne Tue 4/13–6/1 9–9:50 am Studio B/C
3773-D2 DanceIT Denise Wed 4/14–6/2 9–9:50 am Studio D
3773-E2 DanceIT Kim Wed 4/14–6/2 6–6:50 pm Studio A
3773-F2 DanceIT Roxanne Fri 4/16–6/4 9–9:50 am Studio A
3773-G2 DanceIT Emily Fri 4/16–6/4 6–6:60 pm Studio A
3773-H2 DanceIT Emily Sat 4/10–6/5** 9–9:50 am Studio A

*No class 5/31, **No class 5/29

50+ Cardio & Tone at Home10 Weeks | Virtual | $0 residents, $20 non-residents

Get your heart rate up, burn calories, and tone up using items found in your kitchen! The first half of class starts with easy-to-follow, low impact moves. Then, using water bottles or canned goods as weights, you’ll tone up your upper body, and work on your core and lower body. The class finishes with stretches for a full-body workout. An area in your home with room to move around is recommended. A yoga mat is helpful, but not required. We will email you the access details for the zoom meeting.

Act # Day Dates Time
8900-A2 Wed 3/17–5/19 6:30–7:30 pm

Ilene's Balance, Stretch & Tone and Chair Yoga are being played on WTRY every day at 8 am and 9 am. 
  • WOW: Channel 10
  • Comcast: Channel 17
  • AT&T: Channel 99