Fitness Passport Classes


Exercise at home with some of your favorite instructors!

Some of our TCC Fitness Instructors are streaming their own classes online during the Stay at Home orders. Join their Band groups to stay connected with them, and they'll provide Zoom group IDs and passwords to their classes.

  • Josh is streaming classes like Tabata, Core Focus, and Bodyweight Conditioning. Josh's live streams cost $5 or he is taking donations.
    Click to join Josh's Band Group.
  • Zumba with Dayla! She's streaming a variety of classes throughout the week. 
    Click to join Dayla's Band Group.
  • Alex is setting up outdoor bike challenges and cycle classes. Use her guidance to bike around Troy! 
    Click join Alex's Band Group.
  • Sue is leading POUND classes every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30 pm. 
    Click to join Sue's Band Group.
  • Robin is teaching Essentrics: Aging Backwards every Tuesday and Thursday at 11 am. Starting May 19: Classes will be $3 per class. To increase security, contact Robin at to get the password to her Zoom meeting. 
    Click to join Robin's Zoom Meeting
  • Ilene's Balance, Stretch & Tone and Chair Yoga are being played on WTRY every day at 8 am and 9 am. 
    • WOW: Channel 10
    • Comcast: Channel 17
    • AT&T: Channel 99

Try our most popular option and the best deal for you! The Fitness Passport saves you up to 48% on fitness classes. 

Fitness PassportThe Fitness Passport gives you access to not only our fitness room, gymnasium, pool and locker rooms, but all of the below classes anytime you want. No pre-registration required, no committment to show up week to week. Just drop in whenever you'd like! 

Download the Current Fitness Passport Schedule

Fitness Passport
Adult (18+)
 Fitness Passport
 Senior (60+)
Matinee Passport
(M–F, 8 am–3 pm)
Single Month $42* $53 $59
Single Month
Senior (60+)
$39 N/A N/A

Try Classes Only
Only interested in studio classes?  Purchase a short-term pass season to season. Pay one fee and attend any Fitness Passport class during the 16-week period (no access to fitness room or gymnasium). The Fall session begins September 3–Dececember 22, 2019. Register with Activity #3209-A4.  

Drop-InIf you aren't sure about committing to a class, try a drop-in! Drop in on any class on any day for a single day fee: $8 residents, $11 non-residents (unless otherwise noted in Troy Rec. Guide or Fifty Forward). 

Class DescriptionsThe schedule of classes is updated quarterly. Click here to view the current schedule
  • Balance, Stretch & Tone (Available starting Fall 2019)
    Increase core strength to improve flexibility and stability for daily activities. Students must be able to do floor work. Bring a towel or pillow for your head. 
  • Beginning Pilates  (Available starting Fall 2019)
    Improve balance, coordination, and flexibility. Great for degenerative conditions that occur as the body ages. Stay fit and full of vitality, functioning as a coordinated whole. 
  • Calorie Blast 
    Fast paced cardio class aimed at burning calories. 
  • Cardio Aerobics
    High energy cardio workout. 
  • Cardio & Weights 
    Step aerobics with muscle conditioning. Be prepared to step into an intense cardio and muscle workout. 
  • Cardio Core Fitness Ball 
    Use a fitness ball and work your core for the entire class. Develop a strong body while focusing on balance and stability. Gain awareness of abdominals, obliques, glutes, and lower back muscles. 
  • Cycle & Sculpt 
    Combination of group cycle and power sculpt. High-energy cardio workout followed by an instructor’s choice strength segment. 
  • Cycle/Sculpt Extreme 
    Combination of 45 minutes of cycle and 30 minutes sculpt. 
    Dance to Latin and Rock grooves for full-body toning and cardio. Improve flexibility, coordination, and strength with easy routines. Quickly learn routines by attending first 3 weeks with same instructor. 
  • Full Body Circuit Training 
    Works all major muscle groups. Please hydrate throughout the day. 
  • Group Cycle 
    This stationary bike class will motivate you with an energizing cardio workout, sending fat burning and endurance into high gear.
  • High Intensity Instructor’s Choice 
    Varied workout to motivate, challenge, and prevent muscle memory. Alternates each week to include cardio, step, interval, cardio kick, and resistance. 
  • Josh’s Drop In Senior Exercise 
    Warm-up, strengthen muscles, and improve balance and flexibility. From mobility drills to chair exercises, strength training, and floor exercises, various routines and equipment are used. 
  • Kettle Bell and Core 
    Circuit routine with kettle bells to strengthen entire body. Increase cardio capacity while blasting calories. 
  • Low Cardio/Tone/Stretch  (Available starting Fall 2019)
    Combines low cardio for heart health and metabolism, toning to create lean muscles, and stretching to increase mobility. Wear supportive shoes and bring a mat. 
  • Lunchtime Group Cycle 
    Take a break and re-energize with this 1-hour cardio workout. This class is guaranteed to get the fat burning and heart pumping. 
  • Mat Pilates 
    This intensive workout enhances posture, flexibility, endurance and balance while toning your core. Wear comfortable clothing and bring a mat. 
  • Muscle Strengthening (Available starting Fall 2019)
    Strengthens muscles using hand weights, tubing and medicine balls. Functional exercises improve muscle endurance, balance, and core strength. 
  • Pilates/Barre 
    Pilates based with Barre movements to strengthen core, challenge balance, lift heart rate, and sculpt body. Light weights and resistance bands are used. 
  • Pilates, Stretch, Balance & Tone 
    Follow principles of Joseph Pilates to gain strength, vitality, stamina, and grace to enhance a positive mental attitude. 
  • PiYo 
    Sculpt your body and core with a mixture of pilates and yoga.
  • POUND 
    A full-body cardio jam session, combining light resistance with constant simulated drumming. Fuses cardio, Pilates, strength movements, plyometrics, and isometric poses. 
  • Resistance Training 
    Use hand weights, body bars, bands, and body resistance to increase muscle endurance and improve definition. Work both upper and lower body using controlled movements set to music. 
  • Slow/Gentle Yoga 
    Progressive sequences and holding postures to challenge body and mind. Relax and find personal balance and focus. Weather permitting, class will take place outside. 
  • Tabata 
    Interval training program of 20 seconds high energy work and 10 seconds of recovery in 4 minute sets. 
  • Tabata/Core Conditioning 
    Infuses Tabata cardio and core to increase endurance, strength, flexibility, toning, and improve posture. 
  • Totally Muscle 
    Weight lifting mixed with cardio for a calorie blasting class. 
  • Total Sculpt 
    Sculpt and strengthen those trouble zone areas. 
  • Total Strength 
    Challenges every major muscle group using a variety of weight and resistance equipment. Ends with core work and a relaxing stretch and cool down. 
  • Water Wave Aerobics 
    Ride the waves as a variety of moves make for a great, low impact workout! 
  • Zumba 
    Latin-inspired, dance fitness class with simple cardio-based moves and rhythms to target the heart and tone the total body. 
  • Zumba Toning 
    Combines body-sculpting exercises & cardio work with Latin-infused moves. Maraca-like Toning Sticks enhance rhythm and tone arms, abs, and thighs. Please wear smooth bottom shoes to protect your knees.