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Premiere Plus Dance & Recital Program

Troy Recreation has been partnering with Premiere Plus for more than 25 years, bringing quality dance education to the families of Troy. Premiere Plus is a family-owned business passed down from generation to generation since 1950.

The full dance & recital program returns this year! The 2021–2022 program will culminate in a recital performance of “COME TOGETHER” and “A TOYSHOP AT MIDNIGHT” at Athens High School in May, 2022.

Premiere Plus is so grateful to be back to dance! Our theme for our Dance Performance will celebrate this with “Come Together” songs that rejoice in our togetherness, unity and love!

Our Theater Production of “A Toyshop at Midnight” is a classic story of good vs evil. With Cinderella, Fairy Godmother , the evil Magician and wicked Step Mother. As the toys come to life, we will cheer for them as they prove again that kindness and courage will always win the day.

Want to see what our recitals are like? The 2019 Premiere Plus Recital is now playing on local channel WTRY (Channel 10 WOW, Channel 17 Comcast, Channel 99 AT&T). Catch it Mondays at 6 pm, Tuesdays and Thursdays at noon, and Fridays at 8 pm. 

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