STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math.

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We have camps for all! Find information on these camps below. Registration begins for Troy residents on Tuesday, February 12.

Art CampsAges 6–14

Tap into your creative side in this jammed packed mini-camp. Exposed to different mediums, techniques, and styles: acrylics, watercolor, pastels, pen & ink, abstract, and collage. Students will have the ability to try out different approaches to art.

Fame Performing Arts Camp

Grades K–7
Do you love to watch The Voice, So You Think You Can Dance or America's Got Talent? Is your child shy and you want them to have an experience in front of an audience? Then this camp is for you! Experience a week-long odyssey into the world of jazz, dance, theatre, music and art. The camp is filled with learning and fun as children master the foundations of performing arts discipline. The week culminates with an on-stage performance for parents that highlights all this learning. No experience required! Campers are grouped by age and experience.

Little Medical School/Little Veterinary SchoolAges 6–11
Little Medical School provides hands-on activities that will actively engage children as they explore the exciting world of medicine. Little Vet School provides hands-on activities that will actively engage children as they learn how to take care of a pet and explore the exciting world of veterinarians. 

Robot/Science CampsAges 6–13
Explore STEM through a variety of Robot Camps. 

Harry Potter: Come join us where the magic of science, art, and literature meet. Play quidditch. Make an edible wand. We will brew some fantastic potions to drink. Let's create and watch some amazing chemical reactions. Watch a mirage appear. Where will the sorting hat place you? Make cool crystals. Experiment with colored magic sand. See a mysterious glowing ball. Register by June 14.

Egyptian Dig: Buried Treasure Digs: Children discover the amazing science of Archaeology as they uncover ancient artifacts. We will find the following artifacts as we excavate a scarab (what’s that?), hieroglyphic tablet, ankh symbol and a jackal. The artifacts are yours to keep. We will wet the sand that we dig into and create one of two sand sculptures for display. You can make a pyramid and a sphinx. Register by June 14.

Model Airplanes | Bridge Building | Electronic Gadgets: Build your own rubberband-powered model airplane. Use your model as a learning tool in aerospace education, or just have fun building a sound airplane that actually flies when assembled. Have fun designing and building model bridges. Learn simple engineering skills. Build 6 electronic projects. Some of them include a patrol car siren, burglar alarm and morse code transmitter. Register by June 28.

Follow Me Robot: How would you like to build a robot that has four built-in microphones? It is your own robot to build and take home. Make it move the way you want it to move. Learn about the different gears and sensors as you build it. Get to build other robots working in groups. Join in our Sumo wrestling and obstacle course events with what you have built. See everything happening as you build. Register by June 28.

Arcade Electronics Galore: Get ready to build and play your own arcade games and more. You will have at your disposal, resistors, switches, wires, LED diodes, transistors and more. You will program the spinning light fan to display different sayings. Build and play a Home Run Derby game. Build circuits to test your memory. You can learn to program the circuit board to emit different funky sounds. Play with the disco ball, sirens, or a light show. Learn the effects of the different electronic components. Register by August 2.

Mission to Mars: Build and take home your own 7-in-1 Mars Mini Lander. Build a Space Rover, Space Explorer, Space Shuttle, Space Dog, Astronaut, Space Station, and Space Mechanic. Each powered by either solar energy or batteries. Make a color changing UV bracelet and take it home. Sample our delicious astronaut ice cream. Build and take home your own mini paper rocket and launch it indoors or outdoors. Register by August 2.

NEW! SnapologyAges 6–14
Amusement Park Adventure: Design your own amusement park in this super fun program! Learn how to use LEGO® bricks and other building materials to make coasters and other awesome rides. Can you design the next Disney World? 

Planes, Trains & Automobiles: In Snapology’s Planes, Trains, and Automobiles program, children will explore the world of transportation. Students will build models of their favorite forms of transportation as they learn about energy, wheels and axles, air resistance, and more. 

Minecraft: Advanced:  Minecraft® lovers unite! Snapology’s Advanced Minecraft® is a technical class involving advanced Minecraft® building using LEGO® bricks and game-play experience. Students will learn the art of crafting and stirring up their own potions using LEGO® bricks. You came, you saw, you mined at Snapology’s Advanced Minecraft®! Material Fee of $12 due at the first class.

Animation Studio (Let’s Make A Movie): Create amazing movies with stop motion animation using LEGO® bricks. Children will work in teams to produce their very own movie complete with dialogue and sound effects. Movies are uploaded to a secure site for family and friends to see how cool they are! Material Fee of $12 due at the first class. 

Science Of Superpowers: In Snapology’s Science of Superpowers program, children will learn about the science behind their favorite heroes’ powers. Students will learn about gravity, aerodynamics, forces, motion, and much more as they learn about flight, super villain fights, and superhero vehicles. 

Adventures With Star Wars®: If you love Star Wars®, this is the class for you. Come participate in Star Wars® themed activities using LEGO® bricks and other interactive learning tools, build scenes from the movie, build ships, lightsabers, you name it... May the force be with you.

Real World Robotics: In Snapology’s Real World Robotics class, students interested in technology will create robotic models inspired by real life robotic technologies. Students will learn about gear ratio, sensors, simple machines, and programming as they build alarm devices, earthquake detectors, robotic arms, and much more. Your child will have a blast exploring the world of robotic technologies as they build, learn, and play. 

Combat Robots (Robot Games): Do you think you can build the strongest and most agile robot? Can your robot win a head-to-head combat mission? Come learn engineering strategies for building sturdy structures using LEGO® bricks and then apply that knowledge to build a robot for friendly competition. You’ll have a blast as you play robot football and complete the hoop challenge in this fun robotics program. 

Superstructures (Architecture): Can you design the next Taj Mahal? Come create and build the future using LEGO® bricks in Snapology’s new and exciting Architecture class! It’s never too early to foster your child’s engineering and building skills in this super cool program. 

Escape Snapology: Your team will have 60 minutes to discover clues, solve puzzles, answer riddles, and manipulate contraptions in order to complete any assigned tasks and to ultimately unlock the door to escape Snapology! The team that escapes the fastest is given ultimate bragging rights...until their record is crushed by a new team! In Escape Snapology, students will play various escape games using S.T.E.A.M. skills. Students will also have the chance to design their own escape game.