Garage Sale

Community Garage Sale & Flea Market

Saturday, June 2 9:30 am–3 pm

LOCATION: Liberty Center Garage

Clean out your closets and turn your discards into cash! Flea Market vendors also welcome. Vendor fee includes two parking spaces. Unloading time for vendors will be staggered; sign up based on the time you wish to unload. Shopper’s admission fee of $2 (children under 12 free). Concessions and restroom on site. Register by 5/27. Proceeds benefit Troy Senior Program. This program is brought in partnership with Friends of Troy Seniors.

Act #   Resident Rate  Non-Resident Rate  Unload Time
8061-A $20 $25 7:30–8 am
8061-B $20 $25 8–8:30 am
8061-C $20 $25 8:30–9 am