Volunteer Coaches

Volunteers are an integral part of our youth sports program. Training opportunities are available for coaches. The success of each of our youth programs is credited to the time and commitment of our volunteers.

To become a volunteer coach please complete the form below and submit. Background checks will be conducted on all youth sports coaches.

First and Last Name: 
City or Town:
Zip or Postal Code:
Home Phone:
Work/Cell Phone:
Driver's License Number:
Emergency Contact Name and Number:
Are you under 18 years of age?   Yes    No
My Volunteer work is a requirement for (school, scouts, etc):  Yes    No
If yes, number of hours I need to volunteer:
I am available:  Days   Evenings   Weekends
Sport I'm volunteering for:
Do you have a child in this program?  Yes    No
If yes, please provide your child's name, school, and current grade:
Have you ever been convicted of a crime?  Yes    No
If yes, explain the nature of the offense:
What personal experience qualifies you for the position for which you are volunteering?
Are you a past volunteer?  Yes    No
If yes, what program?
By submitting this form, I agree to abide by all the rules and regulations set forth by the Recreation Department as they relate to the position I am volunteering for and agree to return all equipment at the conclusion of the program. I herewith release and hold harmless the City of Troy from any and all claims by myself or my family or assignees, which may arise from performance of the duties for which I am volunteering and while traveling from said duties. I understand that the City of Troy will indemnify me from any and all claims arising from the performance of the duties for which I am volunteering as long as I a following the rules, regulations and policies of the department and the City. I authorize the City of Troy to investigate my background as is determined necessary for the particular activity for which I am volunteering. I declare that the information provided on this application is true.