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Coach Dave Class Cancellation:

Coach Dave classes are cancelled for Saturday, May 21.
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2021-2022 Premiere Plus Dance

Premiere Plus Dance

Premiere Plus Dance & Recital Program

Troy Recreation has been partnering with Premiere Plus for more than 25 years, bringing quality dance education to the families of Troy. Premiere Plus is a family-owned business passed down from generation to generation since 1950.

The full dance & recital program returns this year! The 2021–2022 program will culminate in a recital performance of “COME TOGETHER” and select songs from “ANNIE” at Athens High School in May, 2022.

Premiere Plus is so grateful to be back to dance! Our theme for our Dance Performance will celebrate this with “Come Together” songs that rejoice in our togetherness, unity and love!

2021-2022 Premiere Plus Dance Information

Recital Dates

Dress rehearsals: May 5 & 6, 2022, 4–7 pm.

Performance: May 7, 2022, 2 pm. (One show only.)

Dress rehearsals and performance will both take place at Troy Athens. Ticket information will be available in April 2022.

How to Register
Registration is in person at Troy Community Center only. Online registration is not available. 

Registration closes in November for the recital performance. Limited non-recital classes are offered throughout the year. 
Payment Information
Premiere Dance runs in two sessions:
Session 1: Sept 11–Dec 18, 2021
Session 2: Jan 4–May 4, 2022

Payment for session 1 will be due at the time of registration. Payment for session 2 may be paid at time of registration, or will be billed automatically on January 1, 2022. If you do not want to participate in the 2nd session, you must cancel by December 20, 2021. See session fees below in the class description section.

COSTUME FEES: An additional $35 costume deposit is due in November. The remaining balance will be due in February.

DISCOUNT: Register your child for more than one class and you’ll receive 25% off each additional class. Discount is per individual child, not more than one child in a household.
Class Descriptions
PLEASE NOTE: Descriptions in the Fall Recreation guide are not in line with the classes offered. Please refer to the below descriptions.

Preschool Dance (3–4 years)

A 30-minute class for 3 yr. olds and 40 minutes for 4-5 yr. olds. We incorporate fun and familiar music with rhythmic movement which helps dancers to express their imagination and learn musicality. These classes promote large muscle coordination and independence. Your dancer will have the opportunity to make friends, follow directions, and gain self-confidence.

Movin’ with the Mouse (K–2 Grade)

They already know all of the words to their favorite Disney songs, so why not dance to them? This intro to dance class features Ballet and Jazz, focusing on terminology, body positions, posture, and basic beginning dance movement all set to their favorite Disney music.

Preschool Tap/Ballet Combo (4–5 years)

Fun and familiar music that your little dancer will love, incorporated with rhythmic movement which expresses their imagination, teaches musicality, and promotes large muscle coordination and that all important step towards independence. Students will have their own space on the dancefloor to learn, stay safe, and also have fun!

Hip Hop Jazz (Grade 2–4/Grade 5–7)

This class provides an energetic warm up, basic Jazz technique, and Hip Hop steps put to appropriate music. This class is challenging and fun for each age group. Progressions, turns, jumps, core strengthening and flexibility exercises will be taught.

Intro to Dance/Tap/Jazz Combo (Grade 2–4)

Two subjects in one fun-filled class. Half of class will focus on a Jazz warm up, movement, progressions, combinations, and technique while the other half of class will focus on learning and mastering Tap steps, terminology, and applying different rhythms and beats to age appropriate music. Tap shoes are required and can be purchased online at RD Dancewear in Sterling Heights.

Excel Prep (6–8 grade)

This class is designed for dancers with at least 3 years of dance experience and is in preparation for the most advanced level. Jazz, Lyrical, and Ballet will all be represented in class through progressions, combinations, bar, and floor work. Class will focus on building technique, leaps, turns, and advanced combinations. Flexibility, endurance, and core strengthening will all be included.

Excel Tap (Grade 6 and up)

Designed for dancers with a t least 3 years of Tap experience. This class will focus on Tap technique, complex combination patterns, and enhancing abilities to combine intricate movement with advance rhythms. Excel Prep students are welcome to enroll if they have met the 3 year experience requirement.

Excel Lyrical/Jazz/Hip Hop (Grade 9 and up)

This class is offered to students who have had at least 4 years of formal dance training and has instructor approval to participate to ensure class readiness at this more advanced level. Class will focus on Lyrical, Jazz, and Hip Hop dance forms. This class is heavily focused on building technique, strength, and confidence to help students grow as dancers.

Theater Level 1 & 2 (Grade 2–4 & 5 and up)

Singing, dancing, and acting out a fabulous story has been a wonderful experience for all who have been a part of our Theater program. Tap and Jazz shoes are required. Vocal auditions will be held in early December. Auditioning is not mandatory. Both levels will learn separately and together, as the entire cast will be needed for production numbers and finale. Saturday rehearsals in April should be expected.
Non-Recital Classes
Watch for summer classes in the next Recreation Guide, coming in May 2022! 
Please be aware that our classes and lesson plans are designed to be fun, but dance is an art form. Dancewear, spandex leotards, tights, dance pants, fitted dance t-shirts, any color or style should be worn to every class. No street clothes. Long hair should be in a ponytail or a bun. To avoid injury, no jewelry.

The following shoes are required for each subject:

  • PRESCHOOL DANCE: Pink Ballet shoes (not slippers as they slip off)
  • PRESCHOOL DANCE COMBO: Pink Ballet shoes and Carmel Tap shoes/strap
  • TAP: Tan Tap shoes/strap
  • INTRO TO DANCE COMBO: Pink Ballet shoes and tan tap shoes/strap
  • HIP HOP JAZZ, HIP HOP JAZZ/TAP COMBO, & THEATER: Carmel split soled Jazz Oxfords, and Carmel Tap shoes/strap

Where to purchase: RD Dancewear at 35263 Dodge Park in Sterling Heights will have the list of which styles are needed for each class. Tell them you are dancing with Premiere Plus. Call them at 526.264.7600.
General Information
Parents are invited to observe their dancer’s progress at every class. Our observation room allows parents to watch their child’s class behind a two-way mirror. Ask your instructor about video-taping.

Please be on time for class, and pick your child up promptly at the end of class. There is a 5-minute break between classes if you need to speak with an instructor, or she will gladly call you at home.

We make every effort to remain open in the event of bad weather. However, if the schools are closed due to inclement weather, classes will be cancelled. Classes cancelled due to weather will not be made up. Weather updates can be found online at: or by calling 248.689.9756.

The Premiere Pluss staff is excited about offering a quality dance and theater program to the children of your community. If you have questions or need further assistance, please call Premiere Plus at 248.229.2396 (Carol) or 248.229.2346 (Taylor). Find us on Facebook! Premiere Plus Dance and Theater Program
Where do I pay costume fees?
Fees will be paid to instructors and will be due starting in November, and again in February. Costume fees are not included in your registration fees.

Where do I purchase recital tickets?
Tickets will be available at Troy Community Center front desk in April. Information will be provided in the spring.

What if I miss the registration deadline?
Your child must be registered by November 5 and participate in both sessions in order to perform in the recital. A limited run of non-recital classes is also offered in the spring.