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Troy Recreation Rainbow Preschool

Rainbow Preschool

View our virtual tour of Rainbow Preschool:

Questions? Check our Rainbow Preschool FAQ or contact Preschool Coordinator Amy Campeau at

Preschool Programs

2023-2024 Enrollment

2023–2024 Rainbow Preschool Registration Opens Monday, February 13, 2023—December 29, 2023.
NON-REFUNDABLE ENROLLMENT FEE: $100 Residents, $125 Non-Residents

How to Enroll in Rainbow Preschool
  1. Registration opens for both residents and non-residents on Monday, February 13, 2023. The activity numbers below will be used to register. You may register in person at Troy Community Center during admin hours or online at (You must have a household account to register—if you need to create one, visit You will pay the non-refundable enrollment fee of $100 Res/$125 NR in addition to first and last month’s tuition. This confirms your child’s spot for the 2023–2024 school year.
  2. Your Welcome Packet will be mailed to your home in July. This pack will have all the details on the upcoming school year.
  3. Start preschool in September! The school year runs from Sept 11, 2023–May 31, 2024.

  • Children who are eligible for three-year-old preschool must be three by 9/1/2023.
  • Children who are eligible for four-year-old preschool must be four by 9/1/2023 and planning to start kindergarten in 2024.
  • Children who are eligible for Kindergarten Readiness must be four by 12/1/2023.
  • Children must be potty trained.
  • The completion of these classes does not ensure entrance into Kindergarten for the 2024–2025 school year.

Initial tuition payment will be due upon registration (first and last month's tuition). More information provided upon receipt of registration. Non-refundable enrollment fee is in addition to tuition. Tuition rates are based on class size and how often class meets. See chart below. 

PLEASE NOTE: Online registration closed 9/11/23. In-person registration will remain open until 12/29/23.

Visit us at Troy Community Center's Front Desk during admin hours and ask for Youth Recreation & Rainbow Preschool Supervisor Amy Campeau to register in person using the Act # provided below.

Act # Age Day Time Ratio Tuition
2024-A 4 years  M–F 8:30–11:30 am 1:8 $3,870/yr ($430/mo)
2024-B 4 years M/W/F 12:30–3:30 pm 1:8 $2,610/yr ($290/mo)
2023-A 3 years M/W/F 8:45–11:15 am 1:7 $2,250/yr ($250/mo)
2023-B 3 years M/W/F 12:45–3:15 pm 1:7 $2,250/yr ($250/mo)
2023-C 3/4 years T/Th 12:45–3:15 pm 1:7 $1,890/yr ($210/mo)

Kindergarten Readiness Class
Non-refundable enrollment fee also required for Kindergarten Readiness Class. Although this class is designed for children that will be a younger 5-year-old when entering kindergarten, it is a great 2-day preschool option for any 4-year-old. Taught by an elementary degreed teacher. Learning activities will help them achieve academic success and enhance their critical thinking skills. 

Act # Age Day Time Ratio Tuition
2024-C 4 years* T/Th 12:30–4 pm 1:8 $2,205/yr ($245/mo)
*Must be 4 years old by 12/1/2023.
Parent & Tot Programs

Parent & Tot Programs
Children will have the opportunity to explore our preschool classroom, socialize, bond, and engage in activities that encourage healthy developmental. A small snack will be provided. No infants or siblings unless they qualify for the class and are registered. 


18 months–2.5 years old | $80 Res, $90 Non-Res | 6 weeks
Parents and their older toddlers will engage in songs, stories, shape and color recognition, creative projects, and gross motor opportunities.

Act # Day  Dates Time
2020-A1 Tu 1/9–2/13 9–10:15 am
2020-B1 Thu 1/11–2/15 9–10:15 am

2 years & 7 months–3.5 years old | $122 Res, $132 Non-Res | 6 weeks
Parents and children will explore, share, and learn within a group setting. Foster your child’s independence and confidence before entering preschool. Focus on colors, shapes, numbers, social interactions, and more.

Act # Day  Dates Time
2021-A1 Tu/Thu 1/9–2/15 10:30 am–12 pm
Our Learning Environment
Rainbow Preschool takes place in a bright, colorful and loving environment and is taught by trained and experienced staff. Our classrooms feature: newer furniture and toys, ipads, approximately 2200 square feet of learning/growing space, fenced playground adjacent to our rooms, unisex restrooms within the classroom, and separate entry for easy drop off and pick up of preschoolers.

Our structure of daily activities are carefully planned to encourage independence, self-confidence and group cooperation through large group, small group, and one-on-one participation in a variety of experiences. These activities will include instruction and skills in writing, fine and gross motor, letter and number recognition, language development, and social/emotional skills.
Rainbow Preschool Activities
Your child will participate in many fun-filled learning activities in a warm, safe, loving atmosphere. Sessions begin in September and end in late May/early June. To enter the 4–5 year old preschool program, the child must be 4 years old by September 1. To enter the 3–4 year old preschool program, the child must be 3 by September 1.

Our program for 3–4 year olds will consist of organized play stressing sharing and social interaction. Children will participate in science, sensory, outdoor play, music and movement, arts and crafts, beginning writing/math, and fine and gross motor skill activities. We offer classes that meet two or three times a week for 2 ½ hours each day and run a 1:7 child to teacher ratio.

The program for 4–5 year olds will focus on pre-kindergarten readiness skills in an informal setting. This will include concepts such as letter and number recognition, group participation, writing skills, science and math activities, and pre-reading skills. We offer classes that meet two, three, or five times a week for 3 hours each day and run a 1:8 child to teacher ratio.
All of our instructors either hold college degrees with an emphasis in Early Childhood Education and/or preschool instructional experience.

As a licensed facility, Rainbow Preschool requires A Michigan Child Care Comprehensive Background Check/fingerprint for all employees. Your child’s safety is a top priority to our staff. 

The City of Troy Recreation Department’s Rainbow program is designed to promote self-help skills, independence, social interactions, and creative expression experiences through play.

Our goal is to enhance your child’s growth and development by a variety of activities that incorporate instruction, skills in writing, fine and gross motor, language development, and social/emotional skills.

“I am really happy that my kid attended his first preschool grade with you because you make this experience easy for him. He loves his teachers and I do too. You are doing a wonderful job!”

“I love Rainbow Preschool! You all are doing an amazing job, all the teachers are wonderful. My daughter gets so sad sometimes thinking that she’ll be leaving Rainbow Preschool once she graduated from the 4-5 year old room. You did an awesome job with our daughter, she was very shy but now she is confident and expressive. Thank you for helping her grow and get her ready for kindergarten.”
– Priyanka Khetawat

“As a parent, I feel comfortable expressing any concerns about my child to the teachers. The teachers always come up with different ways for a child to learn. I have nothing but great things to say about this preschool, I would definitely recommend Rainbow Preschool to anyone!”