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Coach Dave Class Cancellation:

Coach Dave classes are cancelled for Saturday, May 21.
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Fifty Forward

Fifty Forward Newsletter

The Fifty Forward newsletter exclusively features City of Troy programs for seniors ages 50+. All Recreation programs, plus a Stage Nature Center, Troy Historic Village, and Troy Public Library programs are included. 

There are three ways to receive the Fifty Forward, which is published 4 times a year. 

  1. Subscribe by email for free. You will also receive biweekly email updates on Wednesday mornings with reminders for upcoming programs. 
  2. Pick up a printed copy at Troy Community Center and other City of Troy facilities. 
  3. Download a copy below.
Download the Summer 2022 Fifty Forward

Download the Spring 2022 Fifty Forward

How do I put my program or event in the Fifty Forward?

  1. ADVERTISEMENT: For Fifty Forward ad info, contact LPI at 1-800-477-4574 or  Need a space? Troy Community Center room rental info is available here
  2. PARTNERSHIPS: If you wish to partner with Troy Recreation, submit a Create-A-Class proposal form. Proposals are evaluated on current offerings and trends, availability of newsletter space, building space, and staffing. Not all proposals are accepted. If accepted, required paperwork includes but is not limited to a Background Check and Recreation Service Agreement. As a partner, you may not collect participant contact information.