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Coach Dave Class Cancellation:

Coach Dave classes are cancelled for Saturday, May 21.
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Troy Recreation Youth Sports

Youth Sports

Youth sports leagues are available for basketball and girls fast pitch softball. Information is provided in the Recreation Guide when seasons are in session. Explore more information in the drop downs below. 

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Youth Sports

Girls Fastpitch Softball
Program is offered for girls in grades 3-8. Grade 3-4 play umpire pitch while girls in grades 5-8  play fast pitch.

The season begins in mid-May with practices. Games are played 2-3 times a week at various ball diamond sites. Games are played during the morning and some in the evening.

Season concludes by late July. See registration info in the current Recreation Guide. 

Schedules & Information

  • 2022 - 5th & 6th Grade Schedule
  • 2022 - 7th & 8th Grade Schedule

Standings & Make-Ups

  • Grades 3/4
  • Grades 5/6
  • Grades 7/8
Martial Arts
More than 25 million Americans participate in some type of martial arts.  Troy Recreation offers three different styles of Martial Arts to meet your family’s needs.  Benefits include stress relief,increased flexibility, mental strength and character development.  Martial Arts focus on self defense.  Arts like Judo are characterized by grappling and throwing techniques.  Karate employs striking methods.  Juijitsu contains a mix of everything.  Martial arts overlap and borrow from one another.  Troy offerings include; Sanchin-Ryu Karate, Judo &Streetwise Self Defense (Jujitsu style), and Japanese Shotokan Karate.
Youth Basketball
Youth basketball is available for boys and girls in grades K-12. Rookie instructional program is for grades K-3.

Fall: Grades 2-6 play on Saturdays beginning in early October. Includes weekday practices.

Winter: Grades K-12 play on Saturdays beginning in early January. Includes weekday practices.

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Winter 2022 Basketball

  • League information posted in fall edition of the Troy Recreation Guide
  • Rookie Grades K-3 Schedule
  • Youth Grades 4-8 Schedule