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Coach Dave Class Cancellation:

Coach Dave classes are cancelled for Saturday, May 21.
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2022 Summer Camps

Summer Camps

2022 Summer Camps

Start planning your summer early! Lock in your child's summer plans now with one of our many exciting camps. Camps available for ages 3–18. Registration is open for all camps listed below. 

MDHHS Guidelines
Troy Recreation will follow all current MDHHS and Oakland County guidelines at the time of summer camps. 

PLEASE NOTE: Grandparents cannot register grandchildren outside of their household unless a parent has completed the registration form and signed the liability waiver. Download the registration form here.

Download the All Camps Brochure

Wondering about waitlists/availability? Download the latest Camp Chart! We update this weekly on Fridays. 

2022 Camps

Day Camps

LOCATION: Troy Community Center/Civic Center Shelter

Receive $10 off camp registration if you register by 6/10/22!

Day Camps are Monday–Friday, 9 am–4 pm.

All Campers need to bring a water bottle, healthy lunch and snack, sunscreen, swim suit, towel, and tennis shoes. Each camp will have one pizza party during the week. Swimming at Troy Family Aquatic Center on warm days and at Troy Community Center on cooler days. Registration fees for all camps include supervision, camp shirt, and entry fees. Registration deadline is 4 pm, Friday before the camp begins. Refunds and transfer requests must be done 5 business days prior to camp. Jump to Before and After Care information.

Backyard Adventure Camp

Camp will play outside or in the gym in the morning, swim in the early afternoon, and end the day with games. This camp will feature face painting and a field trip to Stage Nature Center or Troy Historic Village.

Activity # Ages Dates
3500-A3 5–7 7/5–7/8*
3500-B3 5–7 7/25–7/29
3500-C3 5–7 8/15–8/19
*4 Day Camp: $176 Residents, $186 Non-Residents

Animal Adventure Camp

Camp will do animal themed crafts and play games in the gym or outside in the morning, swim four days in the early afternoon, and end the day with games. This camp will feature Dan the Creature Man, and a field trip to the Detroit Zoo.

Activity # Ages Dates
3503-A3 5–7 6/20–6/24
3503-B3 5–7 7/18–7/22
3503-C3 5–7 8/1–8/5

Fun with Water Camp

This camp will focus on having fun with water, plus gym time, outside games, crafts, swimming, and a field trip to the Sea Life Michigan Aquarium at Great Lakes Crossing or a splash pad.

Activity # Ages Dates
3509-A3 5–7 6/27–7/1
3509-B3 5–7 7/11–7/15
3509-C3 5–7 8/8–8/12

Challenger Camp

This camp will focus on team building, competition, and will feature a field trip to Adventure Park at West Bloomfield or Oakland Tree Runner.

Activity # Ages Dates
3504-A3 8–12 6/27–7/1
3504-B3 8–12 7/18–7/22
3504-C3 8–12 8/8–8/12

Summer Blast Camp

This camp will focus on getting physical activity. Gym time, swimming, races, and games will keep your child on the move. This camp will feature a field trip to Stage Nature Center, the Detroit Zoo, or Troy Historic Village.

Activity # Ages Dates
3501-A3 8–12 6/20–6/24
3501-B3 8–12 7/11–7/15
3501-C3 8–12 8/1–8/5

Aquatic Warriors Camp

This camp will focus on water safety and fun, gym time, outside games, and crafts. Safety presentations will take place in the morning with swimming every afternoon. This camp will feature a trip to Red Oaks Waterpark or a splash pad.

Activity # Ages Dates
3502-A3 8–12 7/5–7/8*
3502-B3 8–12 7/25–7/29
3502-C3 8–12 8/15–8/19
*4 Day Camp: $176 Residents, $186 Non-Residents


$75 Residents, $85 Non-Residents for entire week 

To sign up for before and after care, your child must be registered for one of the camps above. Care is offered Monday through Friday. We are only offering the combined before and after care this year.

Refunds must be requested 5 business days prior to the first day of camp.

LOCATION: Troy Community Center. Late fees will be assessed for late pick-ups.

REGISTRATION DEADLINE FOR BEFORE/AFTER CARE: 4 pm on the Friday before camp begins

Act # Dates
3508-A3 6/20–6/24
3508-B3 6/27–7/1
3508-C3 7/5–7/8*
3508-D3 7/11–7/15
3508-E3 7/18–7/22
3508-F3 7/25–7/29
3508-G3 8/1–8/5
3508-H3 8/8–8/12
3508-I3 8/15–8/19
*4 Day: $64 Residents, $74 Non-Residents
2022 Troy Sports Camps
Explore our Sports Camps below or download our 2022 Sports Camps brochure!

Troy Recreation Department and Troy School District are once again offering many youth sports camps this summer. All camps are coordinated by “Blue Ribbon” coaching staffs including many state and area Coach of the Year recipients. Current MDHHS protocols will be followed. More information on protocols for each camp will be available closer to the camp dates. 

Register for grade entering 2022–2023 school year. Make sure to update Kindergarteners grade in your household account before registering. 

Basketball: Grades K–8

Participants to be taught dribbling, passing, shooting and movement skills. Offense and defense techniques will be included in older camps. 

Athens Aux Gym, Coach Brennan

Act # Grades Dates Time Fee
4702-A3 3–5 6/20–6/24 12:30–2:30 pm $80
4702-B3 6–8 6/27–7/1 12:30–2:30 pm $80
4702-C3 6–8 8/1–8/5 4–6 pm $80

Troy High School, Coach Fralick

Act # Grades Dates Time Fee
4703-A3 3–8 6/20–6/23 12–3 pm $116
4703-B3 3–8 7/11–7/14 12–3 pm $116

Wattles Elementary, Coach Brennan

Basic to intermediate instruction of shooting, passing, dribbling and rebounding, as well as defensive techniques. 

Act # Level Dates Time Fee
4704-A3 Beginner 6/20–6/24 9–11 am $80
4704-B3 Intermediate 6/27–7/1 9–11 am $80
4704-C3 Beginner 7/11–7/15 4–6 pm $80
4704-D3 Intermediate 7/18–7/22 4–6 pm $80
4704-E3 Beginner 7/25–7/29 4–6 pm $80

Cheerleading: Grades K–8

Troy High Aux Gym, Coach Mularski

Learn skills needed to cheer at the middle school or high school level. Brand new cheers each year with chants, dance and skills. Stunts for older division. 

Act # Grades Dates Time Fee
4705-A3 K–3 7/25–7/29 9–10:30 am $70
4705-B3 4–8 7/25–7/29 9 am–12 pm $116

Extreme Recess: Grades 3–8

Athens High School, Coach Larose

Camp is filled with the favorite recess games and fast paced fun. Swimming each day is included. 

Act # Grades Dates Time Fee
4706-A3 3–8 6/20–6/24 9 am–2 pm $138
4706-B3 3–8 8/8–8/12 9 am–2 pm $138

Girls Fast Pitch Softball: Grades K–8 

Athens High School, Coach Brennan 

Camp for all skill levels includes fielding, hitting, throwing and game strategies. Instruction tailored to individuals ability, age, and experience. 

Act # Grades Dates Time Fee
4707-A3 4–8 7/11–7/15 9–11 am $80

Football: Grades 3–8

Footwork, passing, receiving, running and play techniques will be taught. Older age group will work on advanced techniques and skills. 

Troy High School, Coach Frasier
Act # Grades Dates Time Fee
4708-A3 3–5 7/11–7/14 9–11 am $70
4708-B3 6–8 7/11–7/14 9–11 am $70

Athens High School, Coach Cook
Act # Grades Dates Time Fee
4709-A3 3–8 6/20–6/23 11 am–1 pm $70

Track and Field: Grades 2–8 

Athens High School, Coaches Epple & DuFresne 

Proper form, technique and hurdle skills will be taught. All field and track events will be covered. Mini track meet on Friday. 

Act # Grades Dates Time Fee
4716-A3 2–5 6/20–6/24 9–11:30 am $100
4716-B3 6–8 7/18–7/22 9–11:30 am $100

Rugby: Grades 6–8

Boulan Middle School, Instructor Anderson

Learn game rules, skills, techniques, body position and game etiquette. Games of touch rugby will be played. For boys and girls. 

Act # Grades Dates Time Fee
4722-A3 6–8 6/20–7/24 5:30–7:30 pm $80

Gotta Dance: Preschool–Grade 6

Gotta Dance Studio, Director Sanitate

Dance program offers tap, jazz and ballet instruction. Questions? Call Dance Director Suzy Sanitate at 248.680.8722. 


Act # Grades Class Time Fee
4724-A3 Pre–K Tap 5–5:30 pm $38
4724-B3 Pre-K Ballet 5:30–6 pm $38
4724-C3 1–3 Ballet 6–6:30 pm $38
4724-D3 1–3 Jazz/Hip Hop 6:30–7 pm $38
4724-E3 4–6 Ballet 7–7:30 pm $38
4724-F3 4–6 Jazz/Hip Hop 7:30–8 pm $38
4724-G3 6+ Jazz/Hip Hop 8–8:30 pm $38
4724-H3 6+ Ballet 8:30–9 pm $38


Act # Grades Class Time Fee
4712-A3 Pre–K Tap 4:30–5 pm $38
4712-B3 Pre-K Ballet 5–5:30 pm $38
4712-C3 1–3 Ballet 5:30–6 pm $38
4712-D3 1–3 Jazz/Hip Hop 6–6:30 pm $38
4712-E3 Pre–K Ballet 6:30–7 pm $38
4712-F3 4–6 Jazz/Hip Hop 7–7:30 pm $38
4712-G3 4–6 Ballet 7:30–8 pm $38
4712-H3 6+ Jazz/Hip Hop 8–8:30 pm $38

Boys Lacrosse: Grades 4–8

Troy High School, Coach Johnson

Learn skills needed to play lacrosse at the middle and high school levels. Useful skills such as passing, shooting, and playing defense will be taught at this camp.

Act # Grades Dates Time Fee
4727-A3 4–8 8/1–8/5 10 am–12 pm $80

Soccer: Preschool–Grade 5

Firefighters Park, Coach Heugh

Camp will work on the basics of shooting, receiving, shielding and goalkeeping.

Act # Grades Type Dates Time Fee
4713-A3 3–5 Rec 6/27–7/1 9–11:30 am $100
4713-B3 3–5 Rec 7/11–7/15 9–11:30 am $100


Camp will work on the basics of shooting, receiving, shielding and goalkeeping.

Act # Grades Dates Time Fee
4714-A3 Pre–K 6/27–7/1 9:30–10:30 am $55
4714-B3 Pre-K 6/27–7/1 10:30–11:30 am $55
4714-C3 1–2 6/27–7/1 10–11:30 am $70
4714-D3 Pre–K 7/11–7/15 9:30–10:30 am $55
4714-E3 Pre–K 7/11–7/15 10:30–11:30 am $55
4714-F3 1–2 7/11–7/15 10–11:30 am $70

Speed & Agility (All Sports): Grades K–8

Athens Football Field, Coordinator Dawood

Increase speed to outrun opponents, break away from defenders. Increase agility to improve reaction to opponents. Increase total body strength for improved performance.

Act # Grades Dates Time Fee
4715-A3 K–8 8/1–8/4 1–3 pm $90

Wrestling: Grades K–7

Athens High School, Coach Keyes

Learn holds, footwork, rules and strategies to improve wrestling skills.

Act # Grades Dates Time Fee
4723-A3 3–7 6/20–6/24 5–7 pm $80

Tennis: Grades 1–6

Troy High Tennis Courts, Coach Miska 

Learn the fundamentals of tennis: Proper techniques, grips, movement and development of large motor skills. 

Act # Grades Dates Time Fee
4725-A3 1–3 6/20–6/24 9–10 am $68
4725-B3 4–6 6/20–6/24 10–11:30 am $83
4725-C3 1–3 8/1–8/5 9–10 am $68
4725-D3 4–6 8/1–8/5 10–11:30 am $83

Volleyball: Grades 3–8

Baker Middle School, Coach Germansky

Participants will be taught the basic skills of volleyball including passing, serving, hitting and game strategies. Groups will be divided by ability.

Act # Grades Dates Time Fee
4718-A3 6–8 7/18–7/22 1–4 pm $116
4718-B3 3–5 7/11–7/15 9 am–12 pm $116

Athletic Trainers: Grades 9–12

Athens Training Room, Coach Baines

Workshop to learn the basics of athletic training, anatomy, injury evaluation, taping, wrapping and first aid. First aid/CPR certificates upon completion.

Act # Grades Dates Time Fee
4700-A3 9–12 8/1–8/5 9 am–2:30 pm $138

Golf: Grades 3–7

Sanctuary Lake Golf Course, Coach Toski

Junior Camp is designed to introduce golf to new players and develop skills of experienced players. Practice balls and greens fees are included. Tournament held on the last day of camp (extra hour).

Act # Grades Dates Time Fee
4710-A3 3–7 6/20–6/24 8:30–11 am $175
4710-B3 3–7 6/27–7/1 8:30–11 am $175
4710-C3 3–7 7/11–7/15 8:30–11 am $175
4710-D3 3–7 7/18–7/22 8:30–11 am $175
4710-E3 3–7 8/1–8/5 8:30–11 am $175
4710-F3 3–7 8/8–8/12 8:30–11 am $175

Boys Lacrosse: Grades 4–8

Troy High School, Coach Johnson

Learn skills needed to play lacrosse at the middle and high school levels. Useful skills such as passing, shooting, and playing defense will be taught at this camp.

Act # Grades Dates Time Fee
4727-A3 4–8 8/1–8/5 10 am–12 pm $80

Safety Town

LOCATION: Troy Community Center
INSTRUCTOR: Troy Recreation Staff
Bring a bicycle helmet, water bottle, and a peanut-free sack lunch daily.

SAFETY PRECAUTIONS: Camp capacity is limited to 24 kids per camp at this time. Most activities will take place outside at the Civic Center Shelter, located at the corner of Livernois & Town Center. Campers will receive a mask and lanyard for indoor activities. Children will be grouped into pods of 10 when indoors. There will be no field trips this year, all activities will take place at Troy Community Center with guest speakers.

Safety Town 1: Entering Kindergarten

Keeping our kids safe is important to every parent. Our program is designed to educate youngsters on the important topic of personal safety. It takes on the challenge by introducing kids to the rules of the road in our mock town. Fire, electrical, playground, prescription drugs, household and stranger safety are covered. Videos, songs, and visits from the Troy Fire and Police departments highlight this fast-paced week. This is a camp that will make a difference in the safety of your child.

Safety Town 2: Entering 1st Grade

Reinforce the safety habits learned from Safety Town 1 along with learning new topics about water and gun safety. Topics such as whom to allow in your child's safe circle and how not to fall for tricks will also be covered. Our mock town will be used to refresh the road rules of railroad crossings, stop signs and traffic lights. Field trip to the Troy Family Aquatic Center focuses on water safety.

PLEASE NOTE: Make sure you have updated your child's grade in your household account before registering, especially for kindergartners. Register for grade entering 2021-2022 school year. 

Activity # Grade Days Dates Time
6302-A3 K M–Th 6/20–6/23 9 am–2 pm
6303-A3 1st M–Th 6/27–6/30 9 am–2 pm
6302-B3 K M–Th 7/11–7/14 9 am–2 pm
6303-B3 1st M–Th 7/18–7/21 9 am–2 pm
6302-C3 K M–Th 8/1–8/4 9 am–2 pm
6303-C3 1st M–Th 8/8–8/11 9 am–2 pm
FAME Performing Arts Camp
LOCATION: Troy Community Center

Do you love to watch The Voice, So You Think You Can Dance, or America’s Got Talent? Is your child shy and you want them to have an experience in front of an audience? Then this camp is for you! Experience a week-long odyssey into the world of jazz, dance, theatre, music and art. The camp is filled with learning and fun as children master the foundations of performing arts discipline. The week culminates with an a performance for parents that highlights all this learning. No experience required! Campers are grouped by age and experience. Bring a daily sack lunch for the full day program. Snacks provided for activity #6301-A (Pre-K–1)

Activity # Grade Days Dates Time Res Fee NR Fee
6301-A3 Pre-K–1st M–Th 7/11–7/14 9:30 am–12 pm $75 $85
6301-B3 2–6 M–F* 7/18–7/22 9:30 am–2:30 pm $138 $148
6301-C3 3–8 M–F* 7/25–7/29 9:30 am–2:30 pm $138 $148
*Fridays meet 9 am–1 pm
Rainbow Preschool Camps

Preschool camp registration began 2/24 and are now full. We recommend adding your child to the waitlist in case any openings occur. You can find more information by visiting


LOCATION: Rainbow Preschool at Troy Community Center

School is out, but Summer Camp fun is just beginning! Camps will include a variety of activities such as: free play, circle time, outdoor play time, and art activities. A small snack will be provided at the end of class time each day. Children must be potty trained and able to take care of their bathroom needs. Camps are led by experienced instructors. Fee includes: instructions, supplies, and a Rainbow Preschool t-shirt.

Summer Blast Off

Summer is here! Join us for lots of water play, fun arts and crafts, and games.

Activity # Ages Days Dates Time
2310-A3 3–6 M–Th 6/20–6/23 9:30–11:30 am


Down on the Farm

Come on down on the farm with us! If your child likes animals, this camp is for them. Animal-themed activities are planned for the whole week. 

Activity # Ages Days Dates Time
2310-B3 3–6 M–Th 6/27–6/30 9:30–11:30 am


Bubble Extravaganza 

We know how much children love bubbles, so we have created a camp all about them. From creating their own bubble mixture to making a piece of art with bubbles, this week will delight them while they learn. 

Activity # Ages Days Dates Time
2310-C3 3–6 M–Th 7/11–7/14 9:30–11:30 am

Camping Adventures

Let’s go on a camping adventure. Children will use their imagination as they camp in areas all around the world!

Activity # Ages Days Dates Time
2310-D3 3–6 M–Th 7/18–7/21 9:30–11:30 am

Imagination Station

So much fun can be had, if you just believe! Let your imagination take you to far away places. Join us as we become inventors in the classroom, and create things right out of our imaginations.

Activity # Ages Days Dates Time
2310-E3 3–6 M–Th 7/25–7/28 9:30–11:30 am

Out of this World

There is so much to explore in outer space. The stars, the planets and more! Join us for some out of this world fun as we embark on some outer space adventures.

Activity # Ages Days Dates Time
2310-F3 3–6 M–Th 8/1–8/4 9:30–11:30 am

Under the Sea

Join us for an under the sea adventure! Children will learn about sea life and all the creatures they may find there. Children will bring home lots of stories about their adventures at this fun-filled camp!

Activity # Ages Days Dates Time
2310-G3 3–6 M–Th 8/8–8/11 9:30–11:30 am
Snapology Camps

LOCATION: Troy Community Center

IF REGISTERING FOR A FULL DAY: Camp & Creative Play will occur from 9 am–4 pm. Pick-up can occur as late as 5 pm. Children should bring a packed lunch. 

Incredible Inventions

Inventors will be given challenges to create unique robotic solutions to real-world problems with the use of gears, simple machines, sensors, and programming.

Activity # Ages Dates Time Res Fee NR Fee
6300-A3 7–12 6/20–6/24 9 am–12 pm $179 $189

Wonderful Wizards

Students will explore and experience their favorite aspects of the Harry Potter series as they create castles, make maps, and get sorted into one of the four Hogwarts Houses.

Activity # Ages Dates Time Res Fee NR Fee
6300-B3 7–12 6/20–6/24 1–4 pm $160 $170

Junior Scientist: All About Animals

This camp uses Kid K’NEX pieces to help little zoologists analyze the differences between vertebrate and invertebrate, construct their way through the butterfly and frog life cycle, build reptiles, and examine the differences and similarities between insects and arachnids.

Activity # Ages Dates Time Res Fee NR Fee
6300-C3 4–6 6/27–7/1 9 am–12 pm $160 $170


Children will begin to explore the world of robotics as they use LEGO® bricks to build simple animal models that teach the fundamentals of robotic design.

Activity # Ages Dates Time Res Fee NR Fee
6300-D3 4–6 6/27–7/1 1–4 pm $179 $189


Sumo Bots offers students a unique way to build, program, test, and compete using the LEGO® Mindstorms EV3 kit. Through programming, engineering, and design, students will work together to develop a strong sumo bot that is ready to wrestle in competition.

Activity # Ages Dates Time Res Fee NR Fee
6300-E3 9–14 7/11–7/15 9 am–12 pm $179 $189

Advance Engineering

Students will build complex LEGO® models that use simple machines and technical bricks. Students will learn about diverse engineering, physics, geometry, and trigonometry concepts.

Activity # Ages Dates Time Res Fee NR Fee
6300-F3 9–14 7/11–7/15 1–4 pm $160 $170

Snapology Ninjas

Learners will build many of the things that make up the world of Ninjago®. A battle stadium, dragons, and a dojo are just a few of the objects that the students will build. They will also get an introduction to Origami and become a certified LEGO® Ninja Warrior when the class is complete.

Activity # Ages Dates Time Res Fee NR Fee
6300-G3 5–10 7/18–7/22 9 am–12 pm $160 $170


Students will engage with concepts in the fields of astronomy, earth science, biology, chemistry, and physics using LEGO® bricks and other interactive learning tools.

Activity # Ages Dates Time Res Fee NR Fee
6300-H3 5–10 7/18–7/22 1–4 pm $160 $170

Castles and Kingdoms

Students will have the opportunity to use LEGO® bricks to design their medieval fantasies while also bringing the real history to life.

Activity # Ages Dates Time Res Fee NR Fee
6300-I3 5–10 7/25–7/29 9 am–12 pm $160 $170

Amazing Race

Learners will explore and develop appreciation for different cultures all around the world! They will compete in fun challenges with the use of LEGO® bricks to test their speed, building, and problem-solving skills.

Activity # Ages Dates Time Res Fee NR Fee
6300-J3 5–10 7/25–7/29 1–4 pm $160 $170

Mining and Building - Basic 

Students will bring the game of Minecraft® out of the computer and into the real-world using LEGO® bricks. They will design their own worlds, full of mobs, animals, buildings, and their own LEGO® Minecraft® characters.

Activity # Ages Dates Time Res Fee NR Fee
6300-K3 5–10 8/3–8/5 9 am–12 pm $96 $106


Explore the Pokémon world with the use of LEGO® bricks to create training gyms, battles, and Pokémon. Children will also learn about real world science as they examine the habitats, characteristics, and needs of different Pokémon.

Activity # Ages Dates Time Res Fee NR Fee
6300-L3 5–10 8/3–8/5 1–4 pm $96 $106

Combat Robots

Children will discover basic strategies for building sturdy structures and apply that knowledge to create a robot, made with LEGO® bricks, for friendly competition.

Activity # Ages Dates Time Res Fee NR Fee
6300-M3 7–14 8/8–8/12 9 am–12 pm $179 $189

Animation Studio 

Students will work in teams to learn the fundamentals of stop motion animation and develop their own animated movie starring LEGO® mini-figures! Snapology’s YouTube channel will upload the students’ final movie so they can share it with friends and family.

Activity # Ages Dates Time Res Fee NR Fee
6300-N3 7–14 8/8–8/12 1–4 pm $179 $189

STEM Survivor 

Builders will be given daily challenges for which they must design functional solutions with their teammate with the use of LEGO® bricks! They will learn to work carefully through the engineering design process and to design with a purpose.

Activity # Ages Dates Time Res Fee NR Fee
6300-O3 6–12 8/15–8/19 9 am–12 pm $160 $170

AttackBots: Beginning Coding

Children will build a variety of military inspired robotic models using LEGO® bricks. They will learn about sensors, gears, pulleys, and programming as they create robotic catapults, crossbows, battleships and more.

Activity # Ages Dates Time Res Fee NR Fee
6300-P3 6–12 8/15–8/19 1–4 pm $179 $189
Art Camps

LOCATION: Troy Community Center | INSTRUCTOR: Jan Lindell-Meinhard

Draw what is in front of you or inside of you. We will use color, line, texture, composition and lots of fun to express ourselves. Record your thoughts, feelings in the world around you. A sketchbook helps focus your thoughts and teaches you new ways to put them on paper.

Water Colors
Watercolors are spontaneous, fun and perfect for summer! Bring out your creative side by exploring new techniques to make your paintings pop!

Create & Color
Take your talent to the next level. A new class this summer, children will have the opportunity to create their own personalized coloring book.

Oil Pastels
If you love brilliant rich color, pastels are for you. Get a chance to layer them and try your hand at creating portrait and landscape.

Draw with colors, using pastels. Spend your time trying different pastel colors and make them into beautiful and delicate landscapes, still lifes, and portraits.

A fun way to create art, learn about composition and how to work the paint to get results.

Colored Pencils
Using a rainbow of colored pencils, create your masterpiece using different techniques of blending and shading.

Activity # Camp Age Days Dates Time
6305-A3 Sketchbook 6–14 Th–F 7/7–7/8 1–3 pm
6305-B3 Create & Color 6–14 M–Tu 7/11–7/12 1–3 pm
6305-C3 Water Colors 6–14 W–Th 7/13–7/14 1–3 pm
6305-D3 Acrylics 6–14 M–Tu 7/18–7/19 1–3 pm
6305-E3 Oil Pastels 6–14 W–Th 7/20–7/21 1–3 pm
6305-F3 Pastels 6–14 M–Tu 7/25–7/26 1–3 pm
6305-G3 Colored Pencils 6–14 W–Th 7/27–7/28 1–3 pm
Stage Nature Center Camps

Register for these camp through Stage Nature Center only. Visit their website to learn more and register. 

Summer Ecology Days

Give your child a special opportunity to explore ecology—the study of the interrelationships between living things and their environment. Every adventure-filled day will include fun interactive games, activities, and crafts. Children will sweep for insects in the meadow, explore the forest, look for signs of wildlife along the trail and much more! Bring a sack lunch each day. We will provide beverages and an afternoon snack.

FEE: $170 TNS Members, $185 Non-Members

Ages Days Time Dates
6–7 Tue–Fri 9 am–4 pm 6/21–6/24
8–10 Tue–Fri 9 am–4 pm 6/21–6/24

Nature Adventure Camp

Children will explore animals, including insects, wildflowers, and other wonders of nature. Catching and observing insects, hiking the trails, watching birds and other animals, playing simple nature games, and making crafts with a nature theme are some of the activities that will take place. Each child will take home a “bug” box and an insect net.

FEE: $85 TNS Members, $95 Non-Members 

Ages Days Time Dates
4–5 Tue–Fri 9:30–11:30 am 7/19–7/22


Stirring up Science

Captivate your child’s creativity this summer with our camps full of science surprises! Children will dive-in “hands first” to amazing science projects that incorporate STEM educational practices. They will learn the secret formulas to mixtures like slime, putty, moon sand, and more. Children will explore the sun and the energy it gives to the earth. Do not miss out on the chance to discover simple yet startling science phenomena. Bring a sack lunch each day. We will provide beverages and an afternoon snack.

FEE: $180 TNS Members, $195 Non-Members

Ages Days Time Dates
6–8 Tue–Fri 9 am–4 pm 8/16–8/19
6–8 Tue–Fri 9 am–4 pm 8/16–8/19
Princess/Prince Camps

INSTRUCTOR: Enchanted Princess Party

We have partnered again with the Enchanted Princess Party to invite some special guests to come and teach their trade. All Princesses and Princes are invite to participate in these Boot Camps. There will be time focused on learning a fun new skill, a story time, and time to hang out and play with our special guest. Minimum of 5 campers registered per camp needed to run each camp. One parent/adult is required to stay for the duration of the camp. Registrations for camps close 3 days prior to the day of the camp.
*Multiple Child Discount: If more than one child in a household is registering for a camp, the price is reduced to $60 Res, $70 NR per child.

Act # Camp Day Date Time Location
5530-A3 Battle like the Warrior Princess Sat June 25 11 am–12:15 pm Stine Park Shelter
5530-B3 Paint like the Tower Princess Sat July 9 11 am–12:15 pm  Stine Park Shelter
5530-C3 Enchant like the Enchanting Sister Sat July 16 11 am–12:15 pm  Stine Park Shelter
5530-D3 Train Like a Superhero with Spidey Sat July 23 11 am–12:15 pm  Stine Park Shelter
5530-E3 Swim like a Mermaid with the Mermaid Princess* Sat Aug 13 11 am–12:15 pm TCC Indoor Pool
*Mermaid fins not provided. Must be able to swim independently