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The entire Fitness Center is closed 6/10–6/16: Pool, gym, fitness area, locker rooms, and studios. Fitness Members may use the outdoor pool during this closure. See all details here.
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Registration FAQ

If you are registering for the first time, please visit our Welcome page to learn how to create your account and register. If you're having issues, please check the below FAQs. If you are not finding your question here, please call us at 248.524.3484 or email Someone will get back to you the next business day if we are not available.

Registration FAQ

How do I register for a Troy Rec program?
You must create a Household # with Troy Recreation before registering. Once your account is created, you can register for any program. Learn how to create your household here

PLEASE NOTE: If you create your account online, you will need to verify your residency to receive the resident rate. You will automatically receive the non-resident rate if you don’t do this before registering. Email driver’s license to or bring proof of residency to Troy Community Center during admin hours. 
Can I register my grandchildren for a program?
No, you cannot register grandchildren outside of your household for Troy Rec programs. You must have a signed registration form and waiver from the parent/guardian.
I received my Recreation Guide in the mail. Why can't I register for a program?
Registration begins on a set date every season. The resident registration date can be found on the front cover and table of contents page. We allow extra time between the guide being sent in the mail and the registration date to make sure everyone has a chance to see available programs. Registration begins at 8 am online and in person on the registration date. Please be advised that you must provide proof of residency in order to receive the resident rate. 
Why can't I register over the phone?
To participate in our programs, you must acknowledge/sign the liability waiver. This is done during online registration or when you complete the registration form in person.
Why can't I register my children if they are listed in my household?
Many of our programs are based on age and grade criteria. If your child is in preschool or has not registered for these age-based programs before, please call our office to make sure we have all of your household information up to date.
How do I pay an old balance?


  • Log in to your account at 
  • Your Username is your household number
  • Your password is your last name in ALL CAPS or your organization's name in ALL CAPS
  • Go to MY ACCOUNT > Balances > Pay Old Balances
Why am I being charged the non-resident rate online if I provided my address?
At this time, our registration software is not equipped to verify addresses. To ensure Troy residents are receiving priority registration and fees, our staff verifies addresses of all new patrons. Address verification can be via license, state ID, utility bill, etc. You may email us a scanned copy or come in person. Once you are in the system and verified, you will receive resident rates and register online.