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City Of Troy Troy Trails

Troy Trails

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All Troy Trails will be maintained in the winter for year-round non-motorized use. Trails will be maintained after all roads have been safely cleared. All regulations stated in Chapter 26 – Parks of City of Troy are applicable to Troy Trails.

Download a Map of all Current Troy Trails

Troy Trails

Phase One: Daisy Knight Dog Park
P. Terry & Barbara Knight Park/Daisy Knight Dog Park
3401 Livernois

The first segment of the Troy Trail is a roughly one mile asphalt pathway that begins at the entrance to the Daisy Knight Dog Park. The paved pathway winds through the natural, wooded area to a mid-block crossing at Wattles road. The trail provides a connection from the Civic Center Campus to the Troy Historic Village.


Download Map Of Phase One
Phase Two: Sylvan Glen Lake Park
Sylvan Glen Lake Park
5501 Rochester Road

The second segment of the Troy Trail, located within Sylvan Glen Lake Park, is a roughly .75 mile asphalt pathway. The paved path creates a connection from Rochester Road, through Sylvan Glen Lake Park’s natural features, around the lake, and to the neighboring subdivision to the west of the park. Entrances to the trail can be found at Rochester Road and Glasgow.

Download Map Of Phase Two
Phase Three: Jaycee Park
Jaycee Park
1755 E Long Lake Rd

The third segment of the Troy Trail is located within Jaycee Park. The trail features a .80 mile paved pathway. The pathway creates a connection from Long Lake, through the park, and to the neighboring subdivisions. This segment features a bridge crossing which highlights the natural, wooded features of Jaycee Park. Entrances to the trail can be found at the entrance to Jaycee Park, Will Grove, and Garrett.


Download a Map of Phase 3