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2023 Community Gardens

Community Gardens

2024 Community Gardens 

Tentative 2024 Season: Monday, April 29 - Sunday, October 13

Whether you're experienced or a beginner, expand your garden skills at our Community Gardens! Garden plots are available at the Troy Farm at Beach Road and South Blvd. Limit one per household. Must be age 18 or older. Tilling and water access included. Water is only guaranteed until September 30. Water access is dependent on weather conditions after that—potential to be shut off at any point after 9/30. No refunds after 4/26.

RETURNING 2023 GARDENERS: Registration will open at 8 am on Tuesday, February 20 for residents and Thursday, February 22 for non-residents. 
NEW GARDENERS: Limited spots available March 26 for residents and April 9 for non-residents.
Registered gardeners must ensure their email address on file is up to date. This email is used for all community gardens communication.

Act # Type Approximate Size Fee
8008-A2 Ground 18'x18' $109 Res/$159 NR
8008-B2 Raised 4'x12' $109 Res/$159 NR

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the garden rules and regulations?



All gardeners agree to adhere to these rules and regulations upon registration. These guidelines are designed to ensure the safety of individuals and protect City property. Troy Farm Park operates under Park Ordinance, and violation of these rules or Park Ordinances may result in the denial of garden plot privileges.

  • DO NOT park on the grass. Cars must remain in designated parking areas at all times.
  • Keep the gate closed at all times to prevent wildlife entry, and LOCK it when leaving if no one else is present. Pets are not allowed inside the garden.
  • Fencing around individual garden plots is NOT permitted.
  • Gardeners must use only the assigned plot and may not expand beyond established limits. Avoid allowing plants to encroach into neighboring plots. Maintain a one-foot walkway around the edges of your plot within your allotted space.
  • Weed up to the edge of your plot, including the mentioned walkway, to prevent weed growth or seed dispersal. If you must abandon your garden, inform staff so neighboring gardeners can address weeds. Failure to control weeds may result in your garden being mowed down after one warning.
  • Water use is on a first-come, first-served basis and limited to one hour per plot.
  • Two sheds are available for storage. The City is not responsible for personal items stored in the sheds. Flammable liquids are not allowed.
  • Avoid leaving litter. Gardeners must remove all debris from the site or place it in trash cans. Do not throw rocks, weeds, etc., into the pathway. Place sod in the compost bin at the south end of the gardens, and rocks beside the compost bin; DO NOT put rocks and sod in the trash cans.
  • If your garden plot is not in use by May 31, it will be reassigned.
  • Respect other gardeners' spaces. Do not walk on or drag the hose over another's garden, and refrain from picking anything from another person's garden.
  • Garden plots are limited to one per household.
  • October 13 Clean Up Deadline: Harvesting must be completed, and plots must be cleared of all materials (plant material, stakes, cages, twine, wire, hoses, sprinklers, landscaping fabric, newspaper, plastic, etc.). Cover crops are not permitted.
Is the garden supervised?
While staff does make routine checks at the garden, it is not monitored a majority of the time, so it is up to each gardener to abide by the rules and regulations agreed to upon registration. Gardeners are responsible for managing the gates, their plots, and the sheds provided for storage. We are not responsible for lost or damaged items.
When can new gardeners register?
Limited spots available March 26 for residents and April 9 for non-residents.
I am a returning gardener. Will I get the same spot?
As long as you register by March 25, returning gardeners will be placed in the same spot by default unless you request a change in writing during registration. Registration opens to new gardeners on March 26.
I am new to the gardens, and I really want a spot. Is there any way you can reserve a spot for me?
We always offer priority registration for returning gardeners. There is no way to ensure a spot for you. It is first come, first served for new gardeners starting March 26 for residents and April 9 for non-residents. We recommend making sure you have a household account set up on our registration system, then login and register online for any available spots starting at 8 am on your registration day. If all spots are full, add yourself to the wait list. We fill from wait list based on order of sign up.
What is the garden gate code?
This year's gate code will be emailed to the email address on file if you are a registered gardener. If the gardens have opened and you do not have the code or lost it, please email and someone will get back to you.