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There will be no hot water in the Community Center Monday 12/11.
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Learn more about upcoming programs and events at Troy Recreation!
All programs and events are listed on this page. Programs are categorized by topic or age group. Click the various calendar categories to filter out what you're looking for, or use the search bar to find a specific program. Cancelled programs are deleted, and we try to indicate if a program is full. 

  • Please note: Programs that meet for multiple days/weeks are listed on the first day that class meets only. All class information is listed in the event, including registration info. Multi-date classes are not prorated if signing up after the first date. 
  • New to Troy Rec? Head to the welcome page to learn how to create your household account and register.
  • Please forgive us if we missed something on the calendar—there's a lot to offer at Troy Rec! Check the Troy Recreation Guide for the latest offerings.